Speaker Guidelines

​Deadlines and Speaker's Deliveries

Confirmation of the acceptance – 10 November 2015   
Speaker bio (100 words) and photo (jpeg) - as soon as the abstract is confirmed
Presentation equipment request – 12 February 2016
Final presentation slides – 15 March 2016

Please send all materials to europe@asisonline.org

Conference Facilities

The following equipment will be provided for each presentation:

  • LCD projector
  • Desktop computer
  • Microphone
  • Remote control

    If any additional equipment is required please contact europe@asisonline.org to make the necessary arrangements.

Speaker Guidelines

All presentations offered at ASIS International events are made with the understanding that there will be a complete explanation of material presented for each abstract submitted. During the presentation, there must be no refusal to respond to audience inquiries regarding item(s) under presentation.

An educational session is not an opportunity to promote or demonstrate company products or merchandise. Presentation shall not contain any merchandising material for a product or service, nor will promotional materials be distributed to attendees before or after the presentation.

As an ASIS International speaker, speakers receive a complimentary conference registration.

ASIS International does not pay per diem, honoraria, or expenses.

Individuals submitting an abstract for an ASIS International conference are doing so with the understanding that they agree to abide by these conditions, deadline policies, and decisions of the ASIS International programme committee.

Presenters agree to allow ASIS to audiotape, videotape, and/or transcribe the presentation. Presenters also release all rights to the duplication and distribution of tapes and transcribed material for publication in conjunction with the ASIS International conference, and share copyrights with ASIS for distribution of information in the conference related materials and activities.

Speakers invited to make presentations at an ASIS International conference agree that:

  • All presentations will reflect the accepted abstract.
  • PowerPoint is required for presentations.
  • Visual aids used during the presentation need to be developed so that they can easily be viewed in a large room (no small font size and no long text on the slides).
  • Sessions may be recorded and transcribed.
  • Content and examples will be considerate of the cultural diversity of the audience.

To avoid disruptions to other sessions, speakers are expected to stay within their allocated time slots. The moderator will strictly adhere to the conference schedule.

Speakers are expected to arrive at the conference venue at least 30 minutes before their presentations. Should they request testing time, a technician will be available during the coffee and lunch breaks.