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Taking Measures Against Cyber Security-Attacks, Who is Responsible?

​Due to topics as cybersecurity and the Internet of Things the need for convergence between IT and physical security is more important than ever. Unfortunately today the 2 fields are still very separated. No one takes direct responsibility to ensure all aspects of the security system connected to the IT network are ‘trusted’ and cannot be compromised, for example. In France, regulations determining the security of security systems are already in effect. And following cyber security risks, regulations will also come to play in other countries. How do you assure the technology you invest in today will meet future security demands?


Daryn Flynn
Security Business Manager , Nedap, UK

Daryn worked at Nedap for 10 years and is Security Business Manager for the UK. He is experienced in physical security projects and enterprise level access control and identity management deployments into government and commercial organisations.