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Savings on Security Do Not Equal Profits – How to Convince your Board

Security is traditionally seen as a 'necessary evil' and therefore one of the first potential Profit & Loss savings lines when times are tough. Security departments struggle to measure output in financial terms, therefore security managers should be more creative when 'marketing' security's value to the organization and avoid blunt cost cutting decisions. This presentation illustrates how to build sound business cases that not only demonstrate the value of security in the organization, but also helps your board in making well-substantiated cost saving decisions. Furthermore tools and best practices are provided to monitor the effectiveness of security in financial terms.


Lynn de Vries, CPP
Partner, DutchRisk, Netherlands
Lynn de Vries, CPP, is partner in DutchRisk and liaison for Women in Security in the ASIS Benelux chapter. She advises and supports clients to balance their risks with their security ambition. Lynn holds a degree in accountancy and has more than sixteen years experience in the security industry. She combines security management skills with financial/controlling skills and is therefore able to achieve results in both disciplines and support security professionals to measure their output 'smarter' in financial terms. Her experience includes several operational management roles in G4S, including Prisons, Aviation Security and Oil and Gas industry. Masterclasses in Risk Management, Strategy and Organizational process management instigated her interest in advisory. Lynn - born South African, but now just as Dutch as cheese - started her accountancy career with Price Waterhouse, Robert Bosch and ATC in South Africa. She then joined G4S and recently became partner in DutchRisk.