Data Loss Prevention Software - What Is It and Can It Help?

Cyber security has traditionally been about securing the boundaries of the information system so that only authorized people are let in. Data Loss Prevention solutions follow your sensitive data and prevent it being misused, even by insiders who do have access to it. We used what is known as an "endpoint solution" which consists of an agent installed on all desktop and laptop PCs which was configured to monitor the use of our sensitive data. We will explain how we made the system work, while not impeding the productivity of workers and while respecting European data privacy norms.


Jonathan Nicholas
Information Security Officer, General Dynamics European Land Systems, Switzerland

Jonathan Nicholas worked many years ago in physical security operations, access control and fire protection for the UK company Thorn EMI in London and Hong Kong. He then moved to IT and in the late 1990s was one of the founders of an Internet Service Provider in Geneva, Switzerland. He became more involved in IT Security and worked for the consultants Cap Gemini on a banking project in Zürich. He became CISSP certified and is now the CISO for General Dynamics European Land Systems based in Madrid. But he has nor forgotten his roots in security operations.