Combating Human Trafficking in the Hotel Sector

The presentation will cover the findings of an extensive study of the hotel sector that took place primarily in the UK, Romania and Finland but also in other European countries. Using a risk-based approach, the main vulnerabilities of the hotel sector to human trafficking (modern slavery) were identified. Contrary to common belief the risk goes beyond sexual exploitation. A series of policies and standards at operational, management and corporate level that create 'barriers'and mitigate the risk of human trafficking in a hotel and its supply chain will be presented. These policies and standards take into account not only the perspective of the business affected by human trafficking but also the law enforcement's and the victims' perspectives, thus offering a comprehensive solution to combat this phenomenon.


Professor Alexandros Paraskevas
Professor in Strategic Risk Management, University of West London (ICHARM), UK
Alexandros is a Professor of Strategic Risk Management in the London College of Hospitality and Tourism. His research is focused on risk and crisis management, business continuity and security of the hotel industry. He has published several studies primarily on terrorism and more recently on human trafficking. He is a member of the ASIS Hospitality, Entertainment and Tourism (HEaT) Council.

Angela Roper
Professor in International Strategy and Director of the Research Centre, University of West London (ICHARM), UK
Angela is a Professor in International Strategy and Director of ICHARM (International Centre of Hotel and Resort Management) at the University of West London.