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An Approach to Global Supply Chain Security in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The presentation shows how a pharmaceutical company with a global supply chain designs and manages its security system to mitigate the risk of diversion, temperature excursion, bribery and corruption. Using internal and external networks as well as technology the presentation highlights the need for a multilayered approach. The speaker will also demonstrate case studies where incidents occurred and what the corrective actions were to mitigate re-occurrences. This will include looking at investigations such as paper trails, CCTV footage and forensic analysis to identify the root cause of the incident. The talk covers supply chain routes by road, air and sea.


Tom Cochrane
Head Of Security Operations, Mundipharma International Ltd, UK
Working in Pharmaceuticals for 35 years, holding positions in Quality Control, Quality Assurance and as Business Process Development Manager. He worked as Business Process Development Manager with NAPP Pharmaceutical Group in Cambridge where he embedded quality principles throughout business processes. This saw him applying improvement techniques not only in the traditional areas of manufacturing and Quality Control but in business functions such as Sales, Finance, Drug Development, Regulatory Affairs, Human Resource, Product transfers and Supply Chain Security. In the area of supply chain security he set up the Security Operations Group with the company in 2003, this project then led him to develop the supply chain security and the role of Head of Security Operations. The remit of his position is to ensure the security of our products throughout manufacture as well as our global supply chain. He is a Home Office approved person.