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Security Industry Trends – Anticipating the Key Drivers and Developments of the Security Industry

This presentation concludes the interview results of the foresight study carried out in the end of 2013. The identification and selection of sixteen leading security researchers was based on the content and social network analysis of Security Journal publications from 1999 -2012. Interviewees and their co-author relationships covered three quarters of the most active Security Journal researchers, thus reasonably well covering a generic view of security researchers. As a result a group of drivers such as regulation, political will, privatization/outsourcing, technology development, research methods, globalization, personnel/management capabilities, criminal skills, image of the security industry, industry concentration to large multinational companies and liability issues were identified. Furthermore besides key drivers, weak signals and wild cards are also presented and discussed.

Presented by: Teemu Santonen, Ph.D. (Econ.), CEO, NeuroRank Oy, Finland

Dr. Teemu Santonen received his Ph.D. (Econ.) degree in Information Systems Science from Aalto University in Finland in 2005. Santonen has published several articles in international peer-refereed scientific journals and conferences such as Security Journal, International Journal of Innovation Management, International Journal of Bank Marketing, International Journal of Innovation and Regional Development and International Journal of Mass Customisation. His current research interest includes security and innovation management, foresighting and social network analysis. Santonen is a scientific panel member of International Society of Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM). He has nearly two decades of research, consulting and development experience in leading Finnish financial, media and ICT sector organizations and universities. Santonen has founded a neuromarketing start-up company, gained one issued patent and awarded by the Finnish inventor support association for the best school related innovation.