Develop Your Personal Brand and Enhance Your Career 2.0

With almost 50 years combined recruitment experience and building on the positive feedback received from their presentation in The Hague, Mike and Graham will be looking more closely at ways of developing ‘Brand You’ and, how enhancing your personal brand can positively impact your career and opportunities as a whole. They will be referencing recent studies and metrics to give greater focus and offering some clear advice.

Presented by: Graham Bassett, Managing Director, GBR UK, United Kingdom, and
Mike Hurst, Managing Director, HJA Fire and Security, United Kingdom

Graham Bassett has spent some 25+ years in the security recruitment sector and is Managing Director of GBRUK Ltd, who are a niche recruitment provider. Graham is also Vice Chairman – Operations of ASIS UK, Chairman of London Project Griffin Executive Board and is involved in many other industry initiatives - he has written various press articles/features.


Mike has well over 20 years recruitment experience in the Security industry and is the Managing Director of HJA Fire and Security. He is the Vice Chairman of ASIS International in the UK and a member of the ASIS European Advisory Council.