Michael Glasser, CPP, PCI, PSP

What toys did you play with while you were growing up? Some kids played with race cars. Others played with dolls. So what happens when a kid plays with alarm panels, locks and computers? You end up with a certified security professional that still wishes he knew how to throw a football a bit better.

Michael Glasser, grew up in Brooklyn, New York. With both parents working in the security industry, Michael was set on the path to the security industry at a young age. He earned his allowance by packaging literature for the alarm manufacturer that his father worked for. His first paying industry job was working at the ISC East show, giving out literature for the central station his mother worked for. During high-school, his summer job was at a central station, configuring the Novell network and main-frame (as well as stocking the soda machine). During all of this, both parents guided him towards the “technology of the future” – computers. So, while his path was started toward security, Michael studied computers with a focus on computer security.

To his dismay, when Michael joined the workforce, the “dot-coms” had fallen and entry level jobs in the computer security industry were not as plentiful as they had been in the past. Needing a job, he went back to what he knew and was hired as an alarm system technician. He did all the things he was warned not to do while growing up. Things like riding fork-lifts on the forks to check smoke detectors, working on a roof during a hurricane and driving a work truck with wheels that were ready to fall off.

From there, Michael’s career shifted dramatically. After spending a short time as a manufacturer’s representative, Michael was hired by Kroll Security Consulting, a consulting and engineering firm. The idea of a typical project went from $500 as a locksmith, to $5,000 as an alarm technician, $50,000 as a manufacturer’s representative and $5,000,000 as a security consultant. Working on a $10,000,000 security system project budget became a typical day's work.

Being successful as a security consultant required considerable training. Designing a solution required an understanding of the end user’s requirements for how they would operate their environment and how they would manage investigations after incidents. In addition, working to deploy technology required a thorough understanding of not only the technology itself but also the construction industry, project management, and the businesses encompassing those trades.

As Michael’s career and responsibilities grew, the need for broad knowledge of the industry became more evident. Certifications like the CPP, PCI, and PSP demonstrating that knowledge became critical. These certifications allow Michael to prove to his customers and peers that he has a holistic view of security. “Displaying my certifications, helps me to say to my peers and customers – I respect you and your area of expertise. For example, when I speak to an experienced investigator and they see that I have a PCI, it sends them the message that I respect what they do and have invested heavily to be able to speak their language.” In addition, industry peers understand that he keeps his knowledge up to date because continuing education is required to maintain these certifications.

Michael is currently contracted by Microsoft Global Security to manage their North America security system standards and installations in collaboration with a team of internal and external partners. All work is done to meet Microsoft’s stringent best-in-class standards for security, under the leadership of the Microsoft Global Security team.