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Congratulations to Our Newly Board-certified Security Practitioners

26 April 2017

​ASIS salutes these newly board-certified security practitioners.


Stering Acomb, CPP
Roberto Atilano, CPP
Theresa Baker, CPP
Andrew Carlson, CPP
Matthew P Carlson, CPP
Simon A Chapman, CPP, PSP
Joseph Competello, CPP
Ernest M Davis, II, CPP
Gregory R Feldman, CPP
Benjamin Fisher, CPP
Lex P Gibson, Jr, CPP
Michael J Guccione, CPP
Kevin Mark Jacobs, CPP
nicholas koh, CPP
Jessica L LeBlanc, CPP
Thomas B Marshall, CPP
James J. Martin, CPP
Noriman Mohamad Salim, CPP
Ganapathy Uthappa Moodera, CPP
Andrew Muir, CPP
Jacob L Mustian, CPP
Robert Ordan, CPP
Hugh Parmiter, CPP
Sean Rothman, CPP, PCI
Vincent M Sheridan, CPP
Farhan Siddiqui, CPP
Kenneth Oliver Smith, CPP
Walter Suarez, CPP
Tom C Ulmer, CPP
Kevin Williams, CPP

Jon Michael Barnett, PCI
Allan T Burns, PCI
Ms Alicia D Cooper, CPP, PCI
Mushtaq Khan, CPP, PCI, PSP
Michael E Mulhollen, PCI
William L Pellerin, PCI
Mark A Terry, CPP, PCI, PSP
Abdullahi Saheed Usman, CPP, PCI, PSP


Michael E Buzny, PSP
Stephen Michael Cartwright, PSP
James C Clyburn, PSP
Gerald M Cordasco, CPP, PSP
Gary P King, PSP
Melvin Pang Boon Choon, CPP, PSP
Jeffrey C Pringle, Jr, PSP
Barbara Sofia Robinson, PSP
Tay Tong Leng Ryan, PSP
Shaun K Thivierge, PSP
Joseph L Witzig, PSP
Christopher Kyle Young, PSP​​


Raphael Sunday Adewale, CPP, PCI
Michael B. Anthony, CPP
Norm Boucher, CPP
Stephen James Budgen, CPP
David Campbell, CPP
Craig Chrissinger, CPP
Tracy O. Crane, CPP
Stephen P. Davis, CPP
Michael DeCicco, CPP
Chidi Anthony Elendu, Sr, CPP, PCI
Freddie Ellis, CPP
Stephen A. Friday, CPP
Stephen Edward Jauregui, CPP
Kenneth R. Johnson, CPP
Gregory Labe, CPP
Leslie B. Long, CPP
Conor F. Mac Carthy, CPP
Frederic Jean Mauron, CPP
Kelechi O. Obiakwata, CPP
Olalekan Abimbola Olagunju, CPP
Albert Michael Perotti, CPP
Warren M. Petty, CPP
Eric L. Provost, CPP
Raul E. Rodriguez, CPP
Michael Jacob Schmierer, CPP
Martin Sévigny, CPP
Prashant Kumar Sharma, CPP
Mukesh Kumar Sharma, CPP
Christopher D. Stolkey, CPP
David E. Strother, CPPMichelle Tricarico, CPP
Bryan M Weber, CPP, PSP
Timothy Wenzel, CPP

William Doss, PCI
Mark A. Cole, CPP, PCI
Jason Arsenault, PCI
Scott Leonard Collins, PCI

Shima David Ajekwe, PSP
Abdullah Qasem Akoor, PSP
Alawi H. Almogbel, PSP
Gloria De Melo, CPP, PSP
Marcus Demmer, PSP
Jordan Ferrantelli, PSP
Steven Laframboise, PSP
Jeremiah Main, PSP
John T. Parrent, PSP
Daven Schut, PSP
Richard L. Sessler, PSP
Taylor C. Wiggins, CPP, PSP


Faisal A. Al-Zahrani, CPP
Nicholas L. Archer, CPP
David J. Blake, CPP
Jill L. Buzzell, CPP
Ron DeBenedetto, CPP
Ryan J. DeStefano, CPP
John S. Gammon, CPP
Kristy S. Gardenour, CPP, PSP
Matthew Garrison, CPP
Jochen Gliss, CPP
Paul Darren Hope, CPP
Matthew Hyland, CPP
Richard G. Kohlenbeck, CPP
Andrew J. Langlais, CPP
Yat Man Lau, CPP
Mark J. Lemery, CPP
Jiang Li, CPP
James Paul Lipski, CPP
Benjamin Lycklama, CPP, PSP
Keane J. McGarvey, CPP
Lisa M. Moller, CPP
Laxman Moyo, CPP
William J. O'Keefe, CPP
John F. Pierce, CPP, PCI, PSP
John Reed, CPP
Anjali B. Sniadowski, CPP, PSP
Yun Fei Teng, CPP
Zbigniew A Trendak, CPP, PCI
John Patrick Walsh, CPP
Philip M. Zaglool, CPP

Francis L Brien, PCI
Terry L. Jones, CPP, PCI, PSP
Richard M Skorik, PCI

Issac W. Atlas, PSP
Adarsh V. Chauhan
Dominic Chevrier, PSP
Patrick DePalmer, CPP, PSP
Christopher K. Haynie, CPP, PSP
Filip Erik Johansson, PSP
Luke J. Leising, PSP
Luis Nai Yang Phay, CPP, PSP
Tyler W. Roach, PSP
Gregory M. Schmidt, PSP