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Celebrity Protection in the Spotlight

1121COVER.jpgNovember/December 2021 | COVER STORY

Celebrities are constantly surrounded by cameras—from paparazzi to fans to livestreams on their own smartphones. This constant attention puts new pressure on personal protection professionals to manage public perception while mitigating escalating threats.
     Celebrity protection is complex, but not entirely unmanageable. A good threat assessment—coupled with protective intelligence, strong operational plans, and diligent protection officers—can effectively guard most celebrities and keep them from harm’s way. While this type of work is not everyone’s cup of tea, it is an exciting environment for the right protectors to showcase their professional skills and training.

Developing Careers in Developing Nations

Emerging security leaders can gain significant experience working for multinational corporations in developing nations, but the job is more than jet-setting, requiring long hours, extra duties, and political tumult.

Semiconductor Slowdown

A global semiconductor shortage is stalling production at every level—including the security technology supply chain that relies on overseas partners.

Risk Adrift

The vessels the world relies on to ship cargo from one side of the planet to the other are becoming increasingly connected, creating business opportunities and cyber risks for operational technology.


While the live Global Security Exchange (GSX) event took place in September, event attendees are still making the most of their GSX registration.

Legal Report

The U.S. Supreme Court upheld the decision that Indiana University can require students, staff, and faculty to receive the COVID-19 vaccine; France will mandate vaccinations for citizens wanting to occupy public spaces.