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November/December 2021 Marketplace

Access-Control.pngAccess Control

ProdataKey (PDK) announced the launch of its new Red 2 Controller, Red Readers, and Red High-Security Credentials—all part of the new hardware line, PDK Red. This lineup features OSDP-compliant, multi-technology readers, controllers, and credentialing options for a range of security settings. The readers—powered by cloud access control solution and enabled for remote firmware upgrades—also support Red smart credentials, proximity cards, and mobile access options, and they can accommodate various technologies and physical settings. Red 2, a two-door controller, includes built-in Ethernet connectivity and self-discovery, OSDP functionality, and a fully supervised power circuit that tracks controller health. The credentials are available as smart cards or fobs, complementing a more secure access control system, and they can be programmed to control logical access to corporate IT networks.

Compact-Granulator.pngCompact Granulator

Intimus International announced its new compact granulator, the SSD Destroyer, designed to be adaptable for future destruction requirements of solid-state drives, optical media, and small magnetic media. Two industrial solid steel cutting heads rotate counter to each other and shred data storage media until pieces are small enough to pass through a selected waste-sizing screen. Screens can be easily changed, and the finest ones can result in final particle sizes of 2 mm by 2 mm. Although the speed of the process varies depending on the item and selected screen, typical throughput is 60 to 600 standard SSD drives or 200 to 2,000 USB sticks per hour. Along with a mailbox-style safety feed chute, all operational controls are mounted on the front, including start, stop, and emergency stop buttons. The cutting heads and motors are protected with an automatic overload protection function and auto-reverse. 

Electronic-Padlocks.pngElectronic Padlocks

Offering a solution to access needs, SALTO Systems announced its new Neoxx electronic padlock. The electronic hardened steel padlocks are as portable as conventional padlocks. Managed via a Web-based access control platform, users can unlock and lock padlocks with a mobile app on a smartphone or a contactless smart key. The lock is IP68 certified for waterproof performance and high durability, allowing it to hold up against dust, rain, and freezing conditions along gates or perimeter fences.

Machine-Learning.pngMachine Learning

Seeq Corporation announced the release of R52, which includes features to support machine learning advancements in process manufacturing organizations. This will allow companies to use their own or selected machine learning algorithms in advanced analytics applications, resulting in faster development and deployment of the algorithms and visualizations for process engineers. The solution’s capabilities include add-on tools, display panes, and user-defined functions—each extending the product’s predictive, diagnostic, and descriptive analytics. The software can also schedule Seeq Data Lab notebooks to run in the background, which was a top request from customers.

Surveillance-Cameras.pngSurveillance Cameras

Hanwha Techwin expanded and updated its P series AI cameras, announcing five new 2MP HD models. These cameras can detect different objects, including people, vehicles, faces, and license plates—plus they can identify unique traits, such as a person’s age group, gender, and clothing color, or a vehicle’s type and coloring. Additional features include enhanced people counting, queue management, and heat mapping. Digital auto-tracking provides a second video stream with close-up details on tracked objects or persons. Other updates include AI-based noise reduction, network bandwidth reduction, and VMS metadata compatibility.