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Marketplace: Mobile Badges, Lock Status Indicators, LiDAR, and More

Interested in new security technologies, products, and services? This regular roundup from Security Management keeps track of the latest announcements and developments in the industry to keep you up-to-date and secure.

Mobile Badging Options

iPhone_15_Pro_Natural_Titanium_Left_Hand_Hardware_Shell_Screen_120x240.jpgAMAG Technology, an Allied Universal Company, is now offering employee badging in Apple Wallet. This enables an organization’s employees to securely gain access to office spaces and amenities with a tap of an iPhone or Apple Watch near an AMAG Symmetry Blue reader, eliminating the need to open an app or use a physical badge. The solution works with the Symmetry Wallet platform, integrating with the Symmetry Access Control system. The system also enables administrators to remotely distribute and revoke employee badges. Learn more at



180-Degree Visible Lock Status Indicator

Schlage-Indication-Solution-300x240.jpgThree new lines of Schlage Indication Solutions are designed with education security needs in mind. They offer large viewing windows and 180-degree visibility to confirm that doors are locked from any position inside the room. The locks include features such as tamper resistance, color-blind friendly backgrounds, and dual indication options, so people can see the lock status from inside and outside the room. The tools were engineered to withstand high-abuse environments like active school settings. They can also be helpful for privacy in patient bathrooms in hospitals or on public, single-use restroom doors in retail. Learn more at


Emergency Key Access

Morse-Watchmans-EKG-KWT-Cabinet-with-Stickers_270x240.jpgThe Emergency Key Grab (EKG) Kit from Morse Watchmans is designed to facilitate a swift emergency response during facility lockdowns. The EKG Kit is part of the KeyWatcher Touch System, which stores facility keys in an electronic cabinet and only releases them to people with the proper permissions. With the EKG Kit, emergency personnel can use a unique PIN code or other provided credential to swiftly retrieve keys to let them into secured areas during an incident. Learn more at


LiDAR Detection, Classification, and Tracking

Quanergy-Q-Track-Dome-208x240.jpgQuanergy Solutions, Inc., added two new solutions to its portfolio of 3D LiDAR products. One of these is the Q-Track Dome, which is designed to track and classify people in smaller and complex environments within office buildings, corridors, mantraps, transportation terminals, and other queue applications. The device’s 90-degree vertical field of view makes it a good fit for dense areas, object tracking and classification, and crowd intelligence gathering applications. Learn more at

Security Operations Centers as a Service

Johnson Controls announced the commercial availability of its Security Operations Centers (SOC) service offering to North American customers. The SOC service was designed to include flexible bundled service packages, delivered with on-site or hybrid support. Common features in the SOCs include standardized protocol development, thorough security assessments, staffing support, and auditing and reporting programs. Learn more at


Perimeter Intrusion Detection

Aura-Ai-XS-Controller-300x240.jpgAura Ai-XS from Future Fibre Technologies is designed to safeguard smaller perimeters—up to 10 km (6 miles)—with precision and reliability. An embedded deep learning engine reduces nuisance alarm rates while maintaining a high probability of detection—consistently surpassing 95 percent. The system features fence-mounted fiberoptic sensing, cut resiliency and redundancy, no power required in the field, and compact opto-electronics for efficient space utilization. Learn more at


Enterprise Security Risk Consulting

ZBeta launched a new Enterprise Security Risk Practice, providing tailored, data-driven strategies, assessments, and solutions for today’s complex business needs. The practice is designed for enterprise-level organizations, providing clients with security strategies, expert consulting, and technological infrastructure. It is meant to help clients assess their overall threat landscape, identify potentially exploited vulnerabilities, and provide necessary insights for informed risk management decisions. Learn more at


Open Architecture Software as a Service

Genetec-PhotoPR_SC-SaaS-Family-Shot-Light-300x165.jpgSecurity Center SaaS from Genetec Inc. combines access control, video management, forensic search, intrusion monitoring, automation, and advanced security capabilities in a cloud or hybrid deployment. The system’s open architecture enables users to choose the door controllers, cameras, and devices that work best for their organization. The system also takes full advantage of a new Axis Cloud Connect solution from Axis Communications to securely connect, enroll, and manage Axis devices across deployments, including direct device-to-cloud video streaming. Learn more at

Tamper-Evident Tape

Cambridge Security Seals Security Tape Colorful Void.jpgIris, a new multicolored tamper-evident tape from Cambridge Security Seals, is designed to increase the visibility and deterrence of unauthorized access and theft along a company’s supply chain. The tape can be used to secure shipping cartons, individual boxes, cargo crates, pallets, envelopes, security bags, and other containers. Once the tape is removed, it will display the word “OPENED” or “VOID” so it cannot be reapplied to disguise the breach. Learn more at


Camera-to-Cloud Video Solution

CloudSight_MarchNetworksnews-300x225.jpgMarch Networks CloudSight, a new subscription-based video solution, is tailored to small and medium-sized businesses and quick service restaurants, delivering a direct camera-to-cloud video experience. The platform is fully integrated and operational with Searchlight Cloud, an AI-based data analytics and business intelligence platform. By combining insights from video analytics and other sources such as point-of-sale systems and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, business operators can get a more complete view of their operations. Learn more at


Video Display Wall Mounts

TiLED-Universal-Wall-Mounts-225x240.jpgTiLED dvLED Universal Wall Mounts from Chief, a brand of Lebrant AV, offer flexibility and compatibility across interlocking panels in control rooms. The wall mounts simplify the installation process, reduce installation time from days to hours, and provide a uniform display with no misaligned pixels or gaps between panels. The mounts are sixed for 27” interlocking dvLED panels, and they feature floating button-capture technology and universal mounting hardware. Learn more at


Intelligent Voice-Down System

Intelligent-Voice-down-interface-systems-179X240.jpgInterface Systems enhanced its intelligent voice-down system, which can now integrate with the company’s Interactive Security Operations Center (iSOC), allowing for immediate incident intervention by remote specialists to augment AI-powered automated deterrents. The system leverages AI-enabled cameras to detect suspicious behavior, triggering customizable audio messages, auxiliary lighting, and sirens to deter illegal activity. If the threat persists, the system escalates the issue to remote intervention specialists at the iSOC, who can assess the situation and take action. Learn more at

PoE Power Injectors

AMG150_155-Group-240x240.jpgThe AMG150/155 series of single-channel, industrially hardened Power over Ethernet (PoE) injectors from AMG Systems can support Ethernet speeds from 10Mb to 10Gb and inject 30-, 60-, or 90-watt power for use by PoE devices. These devices offer a range of DC or AC power inputs with surge protection. The line can be mounted using Din Rail, wall mounting, or magnetic mounting. Learn more at


Video Monitoring Multiviewers

RGB-Spectrum-QuadView-IPX-deskto-300x197.jpgRGB Spectrum released enhancements to its Zio AV-over-IP platform with two budget-conscious multiviewers—the QuadView IPX and Superview IPX—that enable users to consolidate diverse data sources onto a single screen. This enhances situational awareness and improves workflow efficiency. The new multiviewers bring the capabilities of a full-scale video wall down to a single screen, making them more accessible. Learn more at


Access Reader Core

HID-Global-Media20EAT-rfid-omnikey-se-reader-core-Final-300x124.jpgThe OMNIKEY SE Reader Core from HID Global is designed to drive more intelligence in smart access solutions to strengthen authentication and verification practices. The module offers seamless migration from legacy hardware to new OMNIKEY embedded modules. It enables access to an expanding number of use cases that require RFID-based authentication and verification, and is mobile-ready by default. The device supports high and low frequency credentials. Learn more at

Security Window Film

WFD News Image.pngThe 3M ScotchShield Security Window Film S2400 is engineered to bolster windows against potential threats. It forms a resilient barrier that helps hold glass fragments together upon impact, reducing risks associated with forced entry or smash-and-grab incidents. Window Film Depot was involved in the launch of the new film, which is undergoing evaluation to determine its practical benefits beyond security and optimal methods of application in industrial, commercial, educational, and occupational settings. Learn more at


EV Charging Stand with Integrated Security

PedestalPROChargerISCWest-300x240.jpgPedestal PRO introduced a Level 2 EV Charging Station that includes technology-driven security capabilities within the charging pedestal. The stations support one to four 40 Amp or 80 Amp chargers and have the option to add surveillance cameras, emergency response communications, access control, and other security or Internet of Things edge devices, transforming EV charging stations into part of a site’s centrally managed technology ecosystem. Learn more at