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A Strategic Response

Factors such as society’s increasing reliance on technology, the effect of environmental changes, and globalization have made dealing with disasters a more complicated task.

App Tracking

An urban campus in St. Louis uses an electronic surveillance tool to keep track of its security assets.

How to Practice Ethics

To remain ethically sound, organizations need more than a fixed set of specific rules contained within their codes of conduct.

New Data Rules

The European Union adopted a new General Data Protection Regulation that creates new security requirements for all controllers who collect data from EU citizens.

Olympic-Sized Threats

In the wake of terrorist attacks, including attacks on sports venues in Paris and Iraq, security leaders for the Olympics are relying on shared intelligence to stay a step ahead of terrorist groups.

Scholastic Surveillance

A discussion of the growing consensus on the issue of placing security cameras in schools—a recent study found that 72 percent of adults favor the practice.

Sounding the Alarm at Lone Star

In our interconnected world, the vast majority of people within a college campus community think little of an emergency and how the institution will communicate with them—until it happens.

The Usual Suspects

All companies are vulnerable to trade secret theft. A recent analysis of successful prosecutions could give firms much needed help in mitigating and preventing it.