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SM Online August 2016


The European Parliament passed data protection legislation​ into law to create one, single rulebook for data protection in the European Union (EU). The regulation applies to all businesses that handle EU citizens’ data, even if the business is not based in Europe. It requires data controllers to implement the right to be forgotten, appoint a data protection officer, and a variety of other measures. It also stipulates that privacy policies must be explained in understandable language, and provides for stronger enforcement and fines of up to 4 percent of a firm’s annual income. ​


Margolis Healy conducted an anonymous survey in April 2015​ on the current state of campus public safety in the United States. The survey covered topics including emergency preparedness, regulatory compliance, and social media use and monitoring on campus. More than half of the respondents were campus public safety officials. 


Voters in Austin, Texas, rejected a ballot initiative​ that would have allowed Uber and Lyft to avoid running fingerprint-based background checks on their drivers. Proposition 1 would have allowed the two ride-sharing companies to self-regulate their drivers and bypass regulations requiring fingerprint checks as part of background checks—similar to those required for taxi drivers.


There’s a growing consensus on the issue of placing security cameras in schools, with 72 percent of adults favoring the practice, according to a study commissioned by Eagle Eye Networks. The report compiled surveys from 1,500 respondents from all regions of the country taken earlier this year.


The 2016 CIGI-Ipsos Global Survey on Internet Security and Trust​ includes sections on private-sector practices, global trust, hacktivism, the dark net, and balancing privacy and national security. Researchers from Ipsos reached 24,143 Internet users in 24 countries in late 2015.


ASIS International recently published second editions of these two timely books: Active Shooter: A Handbook on Prevention by Joshua Sinai, Ph.D., and Crime Prevention for Houses of Worship by Paula L. Ratliff.​


If you are heading to ASIS 2016 in Orlando this September, plan to go a couple of days early and participate in one of the preseminar programs. Classes focus on industries, such as banking and healthcare, as well as on broader topics like workplace violence, physical security, and consulting.