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Photo courtesy of Genetec

Industry News: Canadian Casino and Resort Upgrade Video Surveillance and Access Control

Casino Security

River Cree Resort and Casino modernized its security, surveillance, and compliance initiatives with a unified solution based on Genetec’s Security Center. The venue—which features a casino, hotel, and entertainment spaces—is based in Alberta, Canada, and it welcomes roughly 45,000 guests each week. When organization’s surveillance and security teams faced recurring device failures and performance issues with the aging video and access control components, a decision was made to select an IP-based video surveillance system that could also integrate some of the existing infrastructure. Security Center now helps manage more than 1,150 cameras and 150 doors on the premises, allowing the security team to centrally monitor activities and respond intelligently.

­Mergers & Moves

Meriplex//Systems Solution, Inc

The asset acquisition of Systems Solution will expand Meriplex’s portfolio in the IT and cybersecurity services for small to mid-sized businesses in the United States.

With the acquisition of Vintra—an AI-based video analytics company— will integrate Vintra’s software capabilities and support and expand its video analytics solutions for its platforms.

Bosch//TSI Semiconductors

Bosch acquired assets of U.S. chipmaker TSI Semiconductors, which develops and produces chips on 200-mm silicon wafers for the energy, life sciences, mobility, and telecommunications industries. In the coming years, Bosch will invest more than $1.5 billion in TSI facilities in California.

Pavion//Premier Security Solutions

Pavion’s purchase of Premier—a commercial fire alarm, security, and wireless transmission services provider—will expand the company’s presence in fire alarm and security services throughout the western United States.


This year, the Monitoring Association and Security Sales & Integration Marvel Technology Award was granted to the National Monitoring Center for its Nexus solution—a cloud-based monitoring platform that offers a customizable solution with a range of surveillance tools and analytics.


Idemia Identity and Security USA, LLC, received a seven-year $128 million contract from the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for a next generation credential authentication technology. The system aims to authenticate passenger identification and confirm boarding passes and screening status at security checkpoints.


Genetec announced its Grants Support Team, which will help U.S. public sector agencies research, select, and apply for grant fundings for their technology projects.


Weapons Detection

Xtract One Technologies Inc., a threat detection and security solutions company, has partnered with Sentara Health, which has 12 hospitals in Virginia and North Carolina, to provide weapons detection services at Virginia hospitals. The SmartGateway entry screening solution was previously deployed at two facilities and supports Sentara’s weapons-free policies.

Firefighter Training

Virtualware partnered with Intuita to expand VR as a Service in South Korea, which will expand simulation training for firefighters, police, military, and workplace safety.

Financial Access Control

A partnership between Convergint, Axis, and Genetec will provide an access control solution that combines Synergis software with Axis Powered by Genetec network door controllers for banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions.