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Certification Profile: Hwee-Fong Yong, APP 

Hwee-Fong Yong, APP, has been working in the security profession for more than 20 years and has been a member of ASIS International for more than a decade. She started her career working as a uniformed officer for emergency services in Singapore before transitioning into the private sector. 

Yong decided to join ASIS when she became interested in leaving her position with the emergency services. “I decided to join ASIS as I moved from a quasi-governmental body to the private sector,” Fong says. “I thought it may be useful for me to know how the private sector operates.” 

After several years as a member of ASIS, Fong decided to pursue the Associate Protection Professional (APP) certification. Fong did not have any certifications specific to the security field, and she felt becoming ASIS certified would help demonstrate her dedication and skill in the industry.

Although being certified has helped Fong’s career, she found the greatest value of ASIS membership to be the community. Fong is very involved in her local chapter, and she has served as the Women in Security community liaison, as well as treasurer, assistant vice chair, and interim chairperson for the Singapore chapter. 

“Through my journey with ASIS, I have gotten to know more about the profession, gotten my APP certification, built friendships, and found mentors who guide me in my career and personal life,” Fong says. 

Fong emphasizes how difficult it can be to be a woman in a field as heavily dominated by men as the security industry is. For her, the ASIS community at large and her local chapter have been a great support system that has given her faith that she can continue to flourish in this field. 

“Being a woman in the security profession is not an easy journey, but I believe it will work out well with the support I get from the Singapore chapter,” Fong says. 

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