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Restarting an Economic Engine

January-2021-Cover.jpgJanuary/February 2021 | COVER STORY

Even as the coronavirus pandemic continues its third wave in the United States, the Las Vegas casino and gaming industry works to reopen responsibly, keeping in mind its duties to guests and employees, as well as its status as an economic engine for the state of Nevada.


Stalkerware Fuels Technology-Enabled Abuse

With the proliferation of connected homes, virtual assistants, and smartphones, abusers have more tools than ever to track and control victims. When the workplace enters the home, however, this puts employees and employers at increased risk.
ASIS International’s Global Board of Directors.


The ASIS International Global Board of Directors is a major part of the association’s transition to a global governance structure.
Editor’s Note: Network Upgrades

Editor’s Note: Network Upgrades

The challenges of 2020—from isolation to new risks—have forced people to reassess how their brains process emotion and stressors. This all makes our communication, especially through the written word, even more critical.