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October 2015

How to Manage a Merger

During a merger, most companies will not spend funds to engage true security integration experts. Rather, the C-suite will depend solely on the resident security professional to handle something that requires strong business acumen.

Remote Detection

A closer look into the security camera modifications made to quarries in central California.

New Guidance Needed

Technology is transforming law enforcement, but real-world budget constraints are preventing agencies from accessing useful tools.

Watch the Workplace Legally

To avoid unfair practice claims and to ensure positive labor management relations, security managers must have a complete understanding of what constitutes unlawful surveillance.​

Tales of Twisters

When severe weather and tornadoes are a part of day-to-day life, protocols are in place in corporate environments to keep staff in safe areas of a building during a storm.

The IOT Revolution

As the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes pervasive, companies must prepare for an increase in the amount of data collected and shared across the globe.

Decoding Digital Evidence

Take a closer look at how Regional Computer Forensics Labs (RCFLs) and forensic analysts use completely digital means to solve crimes.

Legal Report October 2015

Learn about the latest legislation, regulations, court cases, and judicial decisions affecting security professionals and managers in the October 2015 Legal Report.

SM Online October 2015

Dig deeper into the research and reports referenced in the October 2015 issue of Security Management.

ASIS News October 2015

Learn about the latest honors, partnerships, and publications from ASIS in the October 2015 issue of Security Management.

Industry News October 2015

Learn about the latest projects, installations, mergers, acquisitions, and announcements from the security industry.

Rising Resilience

The topic of this month’s “60 Years—60 Milestones” is the development of crisis management and resilience as critical components of security.