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Book Review: Travel Security

​This book provides an overview of the security issues involved with using the Internet while traveling. It offers examples and cases that are designed to increase awareness of risk and advise business travelers on how to ensure security while they pursue online activities. Online Security for the Business Traveler describes best practices based on up-to-date security and risk management articles and surveys.

This book is structured so the reader can follow the travel cycle, with sequential steps that should be taken when using online applications in potentially insecure locations. Throughout the book are many checklists and resources that will help manage the online risks.

Early on, the reader is asked to consider whether business travel is actually needed, given the various alternatives for communicating over long distances. Then, the traveler is directed to plan logistics and security measures before leaving home. The author discusses many risks and technologies, and how to protect information on the road. After returning to the office, the traveler must be sure that no malware was collected on the journey.

Author Deborah Gonzalez is a lawyer who specializes in digital and social media matters.


Reviewer: Darrin Odom is a certified personal protection specialist and certified security officer trainer. He is president of BMD Personal Protection and Event Security Services.