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a headshot photo of Francisco Hernandez, CPP--a Latino man with dark hair and short facial hair--is shown in a blue background

Certification Profile: Francisco Hernandez, CPP

Francisco Hernandez, CPP, served in the Armed Forces of Ecuador for nearly a decade before retiring and pursuing a career in the private security sector. The experience and knowledge he acquired while serving his country helped pique his interest in security and build a strong résumé to establish a career.

After retiring from the military, Hernandez managed security for the Coca-Cola Bottling Company in Ecuador. After transitioning to private security, his friend Marco Subía, CPP, who was a security professional in the oil industry, introduced Hernandez to ASIS International and told him about the benefits of the Certified Protection Professional (CPP®) certification.

Hernandez researched the organization a bit more and thought it sounded like an exciting opportunity, so he decided to join. In the same year, Hernandez also pursued the CPP certification.

“I chose to get CPP certification because I felt I had a lack of knowledge in this area,” Hernandez says. “Being ex-military, I only knew about government security, but in private security you need many skills.”

Two peers from the local chapter in Quito, Jhenny Andrade, CPP, and Miguel Guzmán, CPP, PSP, helped Hernandez study for the certification exam, and in 2004 he earned the certification. Fernando Chávez, CPP, also helped mentor Hernandez.

Shortly after receiving his certification, some of Hernandez’ colleagues joined ASIS and sought to earn their CPP certifications. Alongside his own mentors, Hernandez helped the new members study for and obtain their CPP certifications.

In addition to his work with certification, Hernandez has been a regular attendee of Global Security Exchange (GSX).

“Being an ASIS member gives me the opportunity to be up to date in the security industry,” Hernandez says. “The most valuable part for me is the annual security conference, which lets me know more about the technology and meet more professionals from around the world.”

Through both attending GSX over the years and being involved with his local chapter, Hernandez has been able to build a community within the industry and advance in his career. He currently works as a general manager at OttoSeguridad in Quito.

“ASIS has been valuable for me, personally and professionally,” Hernandez says. “I give my thanks to all ASIS staff for allowing me to be part of this worldwide recognized organization. I owe many of my achievements and successes in my career to ASIS.”


Emily Callahan is a communications specialist for ASIS International. Connect with her on LinkedIn here.