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Marketplace Special: Audio Detection and Communications

When it comes to security solutions that specialize in communications, mass notifications, and sound detection, what are some of the products in today’s marketplace? Security Management brings you a range of updated or freshly minted products that can fit a wide range of environments and industries.


Cabinet Speakers

c1110e-white-c1111e-black-group-2310-original-300x200.jpgAxis Communications introduced a new series of smart cabinet speakers for indoor and under-eaves outdoor installations in commercial, educational, retail, and other settings. The larger C1110-E and smaller C1111-E allow users to pipe out live and prerecorded voice messages or background music. The speaker systems include audio management software for scheduling, zoning, and user management, plus smart features like integration with devices and a built-in microphone. Because they are built on open standards, the speakers can easily integrate with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony, VMS, analytics, and more. Visit to learn more.


Audio Surveillance

flexidome-panoramic-5100i-camera-with-intelligent-audio-analytics-300x300.jpgThe FLEXIDOME panoramic 5100i cameras from Bosch are enabled for intelligent audio analytics, helping security staff more fully understand incidents. Trained on field data sets, this audio AI detects and classifies sounds, plus it identifies the approximate direction of the source. With precise detection and gunshot verification, the solution can help users identify sounds and visually confirm incidents that require quick responses. The cameras also offer an integrated microphone array and three acoustic sensors that can capture sound from any direction to help guide operators to the source. Visit to learn more.


Radio Communications

idis-powertel-300x200.jpgIDIS Powertel focuses on integrating video with radio devices. Among its portfolio, IDIS offers a push-to-talk over cellular (PoC) communications solution, Radger LTE radios. This radio supports advanced functions, including instant group calling, messaging, GPS location tracking, and emergency notifications. This, combined with LTE cellular networks, provides the bandwidth necessary for advanced video and data applications. Visit to learn more.



Detection with Privacy

halo-left-clip-greenglow-002-300x300.jpgThe HALO Smart Sensor from IPVideo offers users a solution for monitoring for safety and security concerns while maintaining privacy in sensitive areas. The sensor—which does not involve cameras, record audio, or capture personally identifiable information—leverages audio detection features, including keyword alerts, gunshot detection, aggression detection, and analytics through HALO Cloud. Keyword alerts can be helpful in schools, public restrooms, and libraries to signal when bullying or a crime is occurring. Its gunshot detection function identifies where and when a gunshot occurs. With machine learning, the sensor can detect indicators of aggression above normal levels, even in more private areas like restrooms. Visit to learn more.



Smart Cameras

march-networks-300x300.jpgMarch Networks’ AI Series Smart Cameras allow businesses to address security challenges through 4MP resolution and AI-powered edge analytics. Available in bullet and dome models, these cameras offer detection and analysis of events, accurately identifying people and vehicles. When integrated with a microphone, the cameras actively monitor audio levels. Real-time alerts are triggered by sounds that exceed certain audio thresholds, such as breaking glass in retail settings, gunshots in financial institutions, and potentially violent behavior in transit systems. Visit to learn more.



Intrusion Detection

sonitrol-1-300x500.jpgSONITROL’s audio and video intrusion detection systems have helped in more than 187,000 criminal apprehensions, the company says. These verified alarm systems are sound-based instead of motion-sensitive, and they provide wall-to-wall protection with patented audio detection technology via an audio sensor. This audio intrusion sensor works with the SONITROL Security System and is a UL/ULC listed initiating device for glass break. When combined with the producer’s FlexIP intrusion panels, they can be programmed to act as one sensor that is both impact-activated with audio verification and glass break alarm initiated. Visit to learn more.



School Security

soter-tech-1-300x300.jpgFrom Soter Technologies, FlySense 300 is an audio, vape, and motion sensor that offers organizations a way to detect vaping and aggression, especially helpful in school settings. The detector includes an LED indicator light, a proximity sensor and accelerometer that can identify when someone is trying to tamper with or vandalize the unit, and a protective filter to help shield it from contaminants. Visit to learn more.



Deterring Crime with Audio

dd2-v2-300x300.jpgSpeco Technologies’ DD2 Digital Deterrent camera offers facilities a way to discourage crime with both video and audio features. The 4MP IP bullet camera offers audio functions designed to stop a crime before it even happens, including a 120-decibel siren to discourage unwanted behaviors or people and advanced analytics that offer two-way communications. Other non-audio features include bright lights, face detection and capture, people and vehicle detection, weather resistance, and more. Visit to learn more.



Audio-Enabled Access Control

zenitel-300x200.jpgZenitel announced the launch of two new door entry intercoms, the Turbine Extended Intercoms TEIV-1+ and TEIV-4+. The TEIV-1+ is designed to simplify a visitor’s experience with PIN-based access control and scroll and direct calls, while the TEIV-4+ combines the access of a card reader with high-quality audio, video, and space for third-party card readers. The intercoms, adaptable to various environments, also come with automatic volume control, acoustic echo cancellation, and active noise reduction features. This new range of intercoms also includes a wide-angle lens and low-light performance that still delivers high-definition video quality. Visit to learn more.