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Certification Profile: Eva Nolle, CPP, PCI

Eva Nolle, CPP, PCI, had not planned on being a part of the security industry. When she first started studying at university, she wanted a to study forensic psychology, but then she happened upon a newspaper article about a new course called “Risk and Security Management.” Nolle decided to take a leap and enroll. Two weeks later when she was sitting in her first class, she realized she had found her passion.

Even during her time at university, Nolle was already beginning to see the value of an ASIS International membership. In many of her courses, her professors would mention how crucial it is to build a strong network and what a valuable tool ASIS could be in doing so. Soon after graduating, Nolle entered the workforce in the security field and joined ASIS.

“The best thing I have gotten out of membership personally, is the access to resources—be it through materials, such as the standards and guidelines, or through the access to fellow members who are experts in different security disciplines than me and who can provide valuable insights,” Nolle says.

Even very early in her membership journey with ASIS, Nolle began to take on volunteer roles. She served as her local chapter’s secretary and as the Women in Security liaison for South Africa, as well as the global Women in Security liaison for Africa. She now serves as a regional vice president for Region 10A.

“We tend to have a habit of networking with other professionals that work in the same security disciplines as us,” Nolle says. “Volunteering exposes you to many professionals that you might have otherwise not have met, but that enrich your professional knowledge and network.”

In addition to her various volunteer roles, Nolle has also pursued and achieved two ASIS certifications—the Certified Protection Professional (CPP®) and the Physical Security Professional (PSP®). Pursuing these certifications has made it possible for Nolle to continue to improve and challenge herself throughout her life and career. In addition to the personal benefits, her certifications encourage Nolle’s consulting clients to have confidence in her skills. Nolle has also found that certification allows her to more effectively establish a baseline of understanding with other security professionals who are certified.

Volunteering exposes you to many professionals that you might have otherwise not have met, but that enrich your professional knowledge and network.

In 2017, Nolle co-founded Ceravoid, which is a commercial intelligence and investigation firm operating on the African continent. She currently works as Ceravoid’s director of operations.

Throughout her career as a security professional and her time with ASIS, Nolle has found the most valuable thing about her ASIS membership to be the connections she can make with other members of ASIS and the security industry. This network allows her to find different resources and learn from the lived experiences of her peers in security.

“The most valuable part of membership is definitely the access to a global network of security professionals and with that the vast access to know-how and insights,” Nolle says.


Emily Callahan is a communications specialist for ASIS International. Connect with her on LinkedIn here.