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Certification Profile: Meshal Aljohani, CPP, PCI, PSP 

Meshal Aljohani, CPP, PCI, PSP, holds the much-coveted ASIS International Triple Crown. Even more impressive, Aljohani achieved his Triple Crown in just one year. 

Aljohani’s security journey started in 2007 when he joined Aramco, one of the world's largest integrated energy and chemicals companies. Aljohani felt that with security, he discovered a whole new world. In 2016, Aljohani was introduced to ASIS International via the Dhahran chapter in Saudi Arabia. 

“Engaging with ASIS members and being inspired by these security professionals was a fantastic opportunity for me,” Aljohani says. 

The Dhahran chapter shared the many benefits of ASIS activities and events and introduced Aljohani to the vast network of security professionals in the ASIS communities. Aljohani feels that his engagement with thought-leaders in the security industry because of his membership in ASIS has been the most impactful part of his professional growth thus far. 

In the summer of 2021, Aljohani decided to become more involved with ASIS and met with a mentor who was ASIS board certified. Aljohani credits his coach with motivating him to pursue certification by highlighting the importance and benefits of achieving ASIS certification in the security industry.

Within twelve months of that meeting, Aljohani had achieved the ASIS Triple Crown. On 10 January 2022, he passed the Certified Protection Professional (CPP®) exam on the first attempt, followed by the Professional Certified Investigator (PCI®) exam on 28 February 2022. Finally, Aljohani earned the Physical Security Professional (PSP®) certification on 12 June 2022. 

“Being certified increased my level of knowledge and professional maturity,” Aljohani says. “The learning process opened my mind, increasing my knowledge base and strengthening various domains that I had not previously mastered.” 

Following his PCI certification, Aljohani began volunteering within ASIS as a mentor and an ASIS Connects ambassador. Aljohani also helped organize the 10th ASIS Middle East Conference and Exhibition, which took place in November 2022, and the Security Middle East Conference 2023, which took place in May 2023. Aljohani is currently serving on the Professional Development Community Steering Committee. 

Aljohani has been recognized for his great work as a security professional as a finalist for the 2022 In-House Security Individual or Team of the Year in the Security & Fire Excellence Awards and as the “Most Outstanding Young Security Professional—Saudi Arabia” by Corporate Vision. 

Aljohani has enjoyed being on the other side of the table and opening the door to new members of ASIS and deepening the engagement of other members. Knowing how much certification helped him, Aljohani also appreciates the chance to share that opportunity with other security professionals looking to grow. 

“I am always happy to help people achieve ASIS certification, and I am always willing to share my experience and knowledge,” Aljohani says. 

Emily Callahan is a communications specialist for ASIS International. Connect with her on LinkedIn here