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Book Review: Healthcare Security: Solutions for Management, Operations and Administration

0523-book-review-Healthcare-Security.jpgHealthcare Security: Solutions for Management, Operations, and Administration. By Bernard Scaglione, CPP, and Anthony Luizzo. Taylor & Francis;; 346 pages; $54.95.

Healthcare Security: Solutions for Management, Operations, and Administration is essentially an extensive collection of articles written by one or both authors on varying topics related to healthcare security. The articles are loosely arranged by subject matter into roughly a dozen chapters, with chapters often providing a looking forward or conclusion section that seeks to wrap up the points from the articles provided.

The book itself is intriguing and well done, though at times repetitive and hard to follow as some information is presented across multiple articles, causing information to be read twice as the reader progresses through the book. The articles range in age and relevance, with some dating back to the 1990s, but generally the book provides a fantastic body of work on a wide and sometimes unexpected range of topics. Some articles offer a unique and exceptional look at security processes and thoughts in varying points in time over the last three decades, while others demonstrate the timelessness of certain security principles.

The sections on customer service and VIP protection were both surprising and thought provoking. Neither are common finds in these types of books, and yet both had relevant information for hospital security applications.

The book is best suited for an experienced security practitioner who can independently evaluate each article for relevance in today’s dynamic security environment. The reader should be able to recognize the value of the fraud checklist as readily as the improvement upon the 15-year-old information on security video camera recording capabilities. Overall, the book is worth the read, though some articles will definitely stand out as better than others.

Reviewer: Yan Byalik, CPP, is the security administrator for the City of Newport News, Virginia, where he manages a team tasked with protecting the city’s critical infrastructure, and he serves on numerous city multidisciplinary working groups providing security input on major city initiatives and special events. Byalik is a graduate of the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets, and he has worked in the security industry since 2001. He is the regional vice president for ASIS Region 5A.