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Certification Profile: Emilian Irimescu, CPP, PSP

Emlian Irimescu.jpgEmilian Irimescu, CPP, PSP, currently works as the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) senior security program manager for Amazon, but in the early 2000s, Irimescu had just graduated from university and started working in the security industry. Irimescu had always been interested in how technology can be applied in a business environment, so he thought security was the right field for him; little did he know security technology was going to take off over the next few years.

In 2013, Irimescu decided to become a member of ASIS International. He was impressed by the professionalism of the members and of the organization itself. During the past decade, Irimescu has noticed two major benefits of ASIS membership: the ability to develop a strong, professional, high-quality network, and the access ASIS provides to professional resources and events, including GSX and ASIS Europe.

<“Both benefits contributed to my professional career and personal development,” Irimescu says.

After being a member of ASIS for five years, Irimescu decided to pursue his Certified Protection Professional (CPP) certification, and a few years later he also achieved his Physical Security Professional (PSP) certification. Irimescu wanted to become certified in order to ensure that his knowledge and understanding of security principles and practices are aligned with international industry standards. Despite his lifelong career in security, Irimescu also understood that no one person can be an expert on every aspect of the security field.

“I understood that during your career you will never be able to touch all the security topics, or to approach them at the same level,” Irimescu says. “Studying for my certifications, I had the opportunity to understand topics that I wasn’t able to work with during my career.”

In addition to expanding his understanding of the security field, Irimescu says that he felt obtaining his certifications increased his recognition among his peers in the security industry.

Since joining ASIS, Irimescu has become an involved volunteer. He started volunteering in relation to the educational programs and helped organize educational programs for members and non-members near his local chapter. Irimescu was also a member of the technical committee of the new Physical Asset Protection standard, where he worked and shared his expertise with many other highly experienced security professionals to help develop the new standard. 

“Sharing from your experience is always a great way of giving back to your local professional community,” Irimescu explains. 

Irimescu appreciates how ASIS certification is a landmark in a security professional’s career, but the networking experience the ASIS community provides has been even more rewarding. 

“Professional networking is my favorite part of the ASIS journey,” Irimescu says. “It is something that you can build very easily inside the organization, and which will help your professional career in the long term.” 

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Emily Callahan is a communications specialist for ASIS International.