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0522 Marketplace

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May/June 2022 Marketplace

0522-Marketplace-Video-Management.pngVideo Management

3xLOGIC, Inc., added a smart search function and a network video recorder (NVR) plugin to its VIGIL CLOUD mobile app. The app—which offers abilities including viewing video, case management, and more—allows end users to manage video feeds from wherever they have service. The smart search capability lets users identify and review events of interest and focus searches on specific areas or frames, which can assist investigations. The NVR plugin lets clients introduce and integrate other manufacturers’ cameras and products. 

0522-Marketplace-Video-Surveillance.pngVideo Surveillance

Genetec announced the Streamvault Edge, a new line of connected appliances that enables a gradual transition to a hybrid cloud infrastructure, beneficial for multisite organizations, including banking, retail, or other operations with remote or unmanned facilities. Initially, the Streamvault Edge will focus on delivering a hybrid cloud architecture for enterprise-grade video surveillance, although additional security and Internet of Things devices will be supported in coming months, expanding from access control to advanced operations technology capabilities.

0522-Marketplace-Control-Room-Consoles.pngControl Room Consoles

Winsted’s new Vue workstation and Sightline consoles were developed to support fully customizable control rooms. The Vue workstation can be configured for various environments, and it is offered in static or height-adjustable options, as well as different widths, depths, and connected cabinets for multi-operator solutions. The consoles can feature concave and convex corners to adjust to any room size. Both Vue and Sightline offer cable management throughout, with dedicated trays for power and audio, as well as an open architectural design—although a closed version with doors in the lower section is also available. 

0522-Marketplace-Integrated-Security.pngIntegrated Security

Honeywell announced its new Pro-Watch 5.5, the latest version of its integrated security suite. This software platform is designed for enterprise and critical infrastructure markets, helping protect people and property while enhancing productivity and ensuring industry regulation compliance. The upgrade to Pro-Watch 5.5 allows operators to respond to alarms or incidents with intelligence—including a unified alarm view with maps, associated video, and SOPs—building off of Pro-Watch Intelligent Command, a user interface that let organizations build a security system through integration of video and access control solutions. 

0522-Marketplace-SmartLocks.pngSmart Locks

SALTO introduced the XS4 Original+, a flexible smart locking solution with a flat reader in two new colors. The lock builds on the flagship XS4 Original electronic lock product family, incorporating technology to accommodate access control. The XS4 Original+ is embedded with SALTO’s BLUEnet real-time functionality and SVN-Flex capability, allowing it to update user credentials at the door. It is also compatible with several SALTO platform solutions, including Space data-on-card, JustIn Mobile technology for digital keys, and KS Keys as a Service cloud-based access solution. The XS4 Original also features Bluetooth LE and Near Field Communication technology functionality.