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Certification Profile: Julio Marval, CPP, PCI, PSP

0122-Certification-Profile-Julio-Marval.jpgJulio Marval has more than 25 years of security management experience in the oil and gas, retail, automotive assembly, mass consumption, legal, public, and private sectors—focusing on the areas of physical protection, investigation, and prevention.

Marval began practicing security as a criminal investigator when he was 21 years old. He soon fell in love with the world of security.

In his current role with a major global financial services provider, he manages security for the Latin America region, providing preventive and corrective maintenance of all LATAM security systems with vendors.

“I’ve enjoyed many collaborative successes in the practice of security, many of which in investigations and loss prevention,” Marval says. “Through the creation of strategic committees for loss management, I worked with multidisciplinary teams to reduce losses in a progressive and sustained manner. I was recognized internationally for that achievement.”

Marval joined ASIS International in 2014. As his career developed and his responsibilities and expertise increased, he was eager to learn from ASIS’s security standards, best practices, and network.

Motivated to prove himself and to “learn how things should be done, based on internationally recognized references,” Marval set his sights on ASIS International certifications. Earning his Certified Protection Professional (CPP®) designation in February 2021, his Physical Security Professional (PSP®) designation in April 2021, and his Professional Certified Investigator (PCI®) designation in November 2021, he became the ASIS Venezuela Chapter’s first triple-certified security professional.

“Preparing for the exams helped me understand the origin of security best practices and why things should be done that way,” he reflects. “Importantly, now I have a certification board validating my mastery of the principles and standards of each certification.”

Marval is passionate about security and about ASIS International. “Wherever I go, I recommend colleagues become a member of ASIS and get certified,” he says. “Do not think twice. Undertake that adventure. Be disciplined in your study method and commit yourself 100 percent to understanding all the bibliography that ASIS offers. I am happy every time someone manages to get certified, and I always offer to help with my experience and my knowledge.”

Profile by Steven Barnett, ASIS Communications Specialist