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ASIS’s GSX takes place 27-29 September online and in Orlando, Florida.

Illustration by Security Management

May/June 2021 ASIS News

When the COVID-19 pandemic prevented an in-person Global Security Exchange (GSX) in 2020, ASIS introduced the fully virtual Global Security Exchange Plus (GSX+). In 2021, GSX will be a hybrid experience—with features serving both in-person and digital audiences. Taking place 27-29 September, the three-day event will feature daily global keynote and game-changer presentations, as well as concurrent education sessions examining the most pressing issues faced by the security profession. This integrated event will be hosted in person at the Orange County Convention Center located in Orlando, Florida, and online via the GSX event portal.

“This past year left an indelible mark on how we gather, learn, and network,” says John A. Petruzzi, CPP, president, ASIS Global Board of Directors. “We took these key learnings into consideration along with our new reality in redesigning the GSX experience. We want to continue to make GSX available on a global scale, so that security professionals anywhere in the world can access our best-in-class education and networking.”

GSX 2021 will include more than 80 education sessions covering a range of topics from national security to community safety. Registrants will be able to choose how to connect to the GSX experience.

In-person All-Access registrants will have access to exclusive pre- and post-show content. The digital audience will enjoy access to a broadcast studio format—watching some sessions live with the in-person audience, exclusive live interviews, and on-demand sessions.

The health and safety of on-site GSX stakeholders—attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, staff, and vendors—is our highest priority. To learn more about the health and safety protocols for GSX and to find the latest GSX 2021 updates, please visit

New Standards & Guidelines

As an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) accredited standards developing organization, ASIS International is a world leader in developing standards and guidelines to serve the needs of security practitioners in today’s quickly changing environment. In the first half of 2021, ASIS has tapped the collective expertise of global subject matter experts to publish timely revisions to the Physical Asset Protection (PAP) Standard and Business Continuity (BC) Guideline.

Physical Asset Protection Standard

This standard employs a management systems approach to provide guidance for assisting organizations in the design, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, and maintenance of a physical asset protection program. It also provides guidance on the identification, application, and management of physical protection systems to safeguard an organization’s assets—people, property, and information.

Business Continuity Guideline

This fully revised guideline is designed to help security professionals evaluate, upgrade, and implement a business continuity program through modernized approaches. These approaches help ensure that an organization is prepared for business interruptions—and equipped to recover quickly if interruptions occur.

ASIS members enjoy free eBook access for all ASIS Standards and Guidelines. Softcover versions are available for purchase at the ASIS Store at

In addition to its role in developing standards, ASIS serves as a key liaison on two International Organization for Standardization (ISO) technical committees. Learn more at

President’s Challenge

ASIS International’s annual member-get-a-member campaign is now the 2021 President’s Challenge.

Its premise is simple: What if every ASIS member referred just one colleague to join our diverse, global community of security professionals? We could double our already-impressive global network of more than 34,000 security management professionals. You can make a tremendous difference with one new member referral.

As an exclusive offer through June, new members who join through a referral during the 2021 President’s Challenge will be able to select a Best of GSX+ education package containing important knowledge shared at 2020’s Global Security Exchange Plus (GSX+) at no cost.

“As security professionals, we are stronger together,” says John A. Petruzzi, Jr., CPP, president, ASIS Global Board of Directors. “I look forward to working with our members around the world to help grow our community and make it stronger for years to come.”

By sharing with a colleague your story of how the ASIS community has benefited you, you can play a big part in building the ASIS network in your community and around the globe.

Young Professionals Corner

Meet Abhijeet Kumar Sinha, CPP, ASIS Young Professional (YP) Community content creation vice chair, and Mark Joseph Vinculado, CPP, PCI, PSP, YP Community global outreach vice chair.

Abhijeet-Kumar-Sinha,-CPP.pngAbhijeet Kumar Sinha, CPP

In the security industry, an individual’s attitude, discipline, ethics, and positive mindset are qualities as important as their degree or technical qualification—if not more important. Once young professionals with these traits develop the skills of communication, leadership, and problem solving, their careers will grow exponentially. The industry needs these young professionals with fresh and innovative minds to reframe the security function as a mainframe department, like HR or finance, that the organization views as a profit center—not a cost center.

Mark-Joseph-Vinculado,-CPP,-PCI,-PSP.pngMark Joseph Vinculado, CPP, PCI, PSP

My involvement with ASIS International implies that I am connected to a global network of security specialists and experts. It also helps me build a personal brand that communicates my credibility as a security professional, leading to new career opportunities. The Young Professional Community connects me with fellow young professionals from all over the world, which helps set up all of us for a successful and collaborative future.