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New Research Seeks to Understand Security System Integration

The practice of protecting organizations from threats continues to grow in complexity. New threats emerge and existing threats are constantly morphing as tactics change. As threats—and actual attacks—become more sophisticated, so too have the tools available to security professionals.

In the past, security might have responsibility for a couple disconnected systems, such as access control or surveillance. Hardening the attack surface against threats, however, means increasingly complex security systems now interact with each other and other systems.

What systems need to talk to each other? What protocols are used to facilitate the connections? What connections are valuable to make? How do organizations monitor and manage it all?

These are the questions at the heart of a new research project being undertaken by Security Management Research in partnership with Genetec. The 2022 Security Technology Integrations Survey is now open and collecting responses.

The research will enable ASIS to set a baseline and gain a general understanding of:

  • The current state of security systems integration

  • Trends in integration methods

  • How successfully security systems fulfill their purpose

The survey will close in the middle of February 2022. All participants will receive summary results, so they can see how their organization compares to peers.