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February 2022

On the Road to Connectivity

Silicon Valley tech companies and vehicle manufacturing powerhouses are moving ahead with plans to develop autonomous vehicles. But the world is a long way from the self-driving car revolution.

Instead, the automotive industry is in the midst of a connected vehicle transformation that has major ramifications for security. In its 2021 Automotive Cybersecurity Report, Upstream Security projected that connected vehicles will comprise nearly 86 percent of the global automotive market by 2025. In its 2022 report, the company doubled down, analyzing hundreds of publicly reported incidents of connected vehicle compromise—many carried out without physical access to a vehicle—to build a more comprehensive picture of this emerging and dynamic threat.


Dreaming of Gadgets and the Drone Revolution

As we innovate, we need to consider the countermeasures for these threats and the unintended consequences the technology might create. We also need to consider how the security industry might change in response to both.

Human Centered Robots and the Future of Security

Human-centered robot designs introduce new and advanced functionality with superior human-to-robot experience potential. The design is intended to facilitate interaction between people and the robot—and help people feel more at ease engaging with the device.