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The responsibility of protecting property and people requires understanding the threat, the specific situation and the perimeter security options available. Strengthen your chances of a positive outcome with strategic and tactical insights provided. (Photo provided by B.I.G. Enterprises.)

Hardening the Perimeter: The Role of the Guard Booth, Security Solutions, and Best Practices

Author: Dave King, Vice President of B.I.G. Enterprises, has over 30 years’ experience in perimeter security and guard booth specialization.

Executive Summary

The Situation:

In the post-9/11 global security environment, the perimeter defense challenges facing facility directors and safety managers have become increasingly complex. Given a persistently difficult global economic environment, emphasis on the longevity, survivability, and flexibility of major perimeter security products like guard booths and guard stations, is a major motivating factor for decision-makers in domestic and overseas markets.

Myriad critical assets: state and federal buildings, agricultural sites, corporate campuses, cultural and entertainment venues, ports, sports arenas, refineries, nuclear facilities and overseas military installations need flexible, cost-effective solutions to defend them from threats both domestic and foreign.

Where guard booths are specified, there is no "one size fits all" answer, as each critical asset will have unique, site-specific requirements. Evaluating the right solution for each application requires an understanding of certain key concepts, not limited to, but including:

  • Defining the threat
  • Surveying the asset site and the surrounding environment
  • How to eveluate guard station--key considerations
  • Industry-specific designs for special applications

The Issues:

Decision-makers charged with purchasing a stock structure, or designing a custom guard shelter must:

  • Maximize the survivability of the shelter and the lives of security personnel within.
  • Select a design that provides uncompromising security without sacrificing architectural integrity, design flexibility, or ergonomics.
  • Manage costs by considering component strength, and finish longevity.
  • Examine the potential benefits of guard structures designed to exploit mobility.

In this paper, perimeter security expert Dave King addresses these challenges, provides perspective, and offers practical, cost-effective solutions. Read More.

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