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Put Training to the Test

January 2018 | COVER STORY

The percentage of U.S. public schools that have drilled for an active shooter scenario rose from 47 to 70 percent from 2004 to 2014, according to a recent study. But the search for solutions to these deadly events sometimes leads to an overly narrow approach. Instead, a broad all-hazards approach to scenario-based training allows schools to prepare for a range of incidents, including bullying, sexual harassment, and natural disasters.

Learn more in this article from Michael Dorn, CEO of Safe Havens International.

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How to Hack a Human

When cybersecurity measures become difficult to penetrate by technical means, people become the weakest link in the system.

Evolving Biothreats

Despite multiple calls for a united approach to biological threats, U.S. agencies have no standardized way to share threat awareness or establish plans.

Disaster Dominoes

The unprecedented 2017 hurricane season made for hard lessons in emergency response, including the importance of planning for disasters that beget others.

Global Cyber Awareness

A global survey finds that many companies at risk of cyberattacks are unprepared to deal with them and lack an overall information security strategy.