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Active Assailant, Unarmed Officer

April 2018 | COVER STORY

Although they may not carry the stereotypical holster or utility belt, unarmed guards can help thwart attacks by flexing their situational awareness. For these security professionals, training, understanding, and effective observation and action can mitigate or even prevent an active assailant. You can read more about warning signs and tactics in this article by Brad Spicer.

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Personnel Peril

Well-rounded, consistent, insider threat programs can be built by private sector organizations by implementing low- or no-cost best practices.

On a Sea of Risk

The maritime sector, one of the world’s most critical infrastructures, is vulnerable to a variety of security threats.

Take No Chances

Bad things don’t just happen to good organizations—bad things happen to organizations that don’t understand their risks.

The Land of Plunder?

Does perceived corruption reflect disillusionment with unfulfilled political promises, or a new era of nepotism and pay-to-play?

Seeing Double

A recent spate of attacks by ISIS and the Taliban in Kabul raises questions about the role of private security and what can be done to avoid repeat attacks

The Problem with Bots

Botnets are becoming more powerful and threatening national security. A new U.S. initiative could help mitigate the threat.

April 2018 ASIS News

GSX is setting a new bar for education, networking, and security product and service excellence—addressing the issues critical to all sectors of the global marketplace.