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ISC West 2018 Product Showcase


Abloy Security of Irving, Texas, offers a range of tough locks that can withstand severe weather conditions and environmental extremes. The ABLOY PROTEC2 CLIQ LED key and interface make it easy to retrofit mechanical locks with electromechanical models. There are no batteries in the locks, because the power comes from the key. CLIQ technology provides audit trails in both the lock and the key, flexible time functions, and immediate removal of lost keys. All padlocks feature case-hardened boron-steel shackles and hardened steel UL-listed cylinders. Patent-protected keys can also open ABLOY door locks, and the keys cannot be duplicated. Booth 8061


Ameristar Perimeter Security of Tulsa, Oklahoma, is introducing the Surface Guard vehicle barrier solution from ATG Access of the United Kingdom. The system is designed to protect areas where people gather outside. Supplied in single units, each lightweight section is compact for ease of transport, storage, and deployment. It can quickly and easily be deployed across traffic islands, curbs, and gutters to protect pedestrians while maintaining high quality of life in the areas it protects. Booth 9073


Avigilon Blue is a powerful new subscription-based, cloud service platform for security and surveillance that is powered by Microsoft Azure and purpose-built for Avigilon partners and their customers. Available from Dallas-based Avigilon, the platform allows partners to remotely support and service sites with fewer resources, enabling them to scale their business faster while providing even greater value to their customers. For customers, Avigilon Blue provides advanced cloud technology for easy and secure system access, smart notifications, system upgrades, and new services pushed directly from the cloud. Booth 22031​


The AXIS T8705 Video Decoder from Axis Communications of Chelmsford, Massachusetts, is a small, easy-to-install video decoder, enabling digital monitors to connect to and display live video from Axis network cameras. A cost-effective solution for video monitoring, it allows live video to be displayed without connecting to a PC. The device decodes full frame rate video streams in H.264 and Motion JPEG in all resolutions up to HDTV 1080p. It can also show an unlimited number of sources in sequence view, and up to 16 video sources (4x4) in multi-view. It can complement a video management system where only an overview is needed. Booth 14051


Christie Digital Systems USA, of Cypress, California, offers its Christie Velvet CorePlus video walls in a range of pixel pitches. The full-featured video walls are idea for fixed installations and digital signage applications. Designed to be affordable and flexible, the walls offer onboard or remote power options to increase installation options while providing efficient heat management and built-in redundancies. The units are serviceable from both the front and the rear, so they are easy to install and maintain. Booth 5125


Comm Port Technologies of Cranbury, New Jersey, is a U.S. manufacturer of security and safety components. Specializing in under-vehicle inspection and surveillance systems, the company provides full-featured software and hardware, as well as excellent support. The high-quality products are designed to be affordable, and the company offers extensive service and support for deployment in security environments of all types and sizes.


ComNet, Communication Networks of Danbury, Connecticut, introduced a new series of high port count managed switches that are designed and manufactured in the United States. The all Gigabit CNGE24FX12TX12MS(POE) managed switch has 12 SFP ports and 12 TX power over Ethernet ports. Designed to protect its network, it offers multiple redundancy protocols to keep the network free from points of interruption. The PoE model delivers 30 watts of power to all 12 TX ports. Two of the SFP ports support 2.5 Gbps SFP modules for high-speed communication. The switch is backed by a lifetime warranty. Booth 5077


The Invisigate Glass Barrier Turnstile from Designed Security, Inc., (DSI) of Bastrop, Texas, provides a visual and physical barrier that starts 4 inches from the floor and can be configured as high as 6 feet tall. For lobbies that require higher security but where aesthetics are a priority, it monitors traffic flows of 30 to 45 people per minute per lane and integrates with any access control system. Invisigate has available custom glass etching, doesn't need programming, and provides a hard-lock option for stricter security applications. Booth 8109


Detex Corporation of New Braunfels, Texas, offers the Detex Lockdown system to instantly secure the main doors of a building. Locking down external doors quickly is essential in threatening situations. Manual lockdown can take 30 minutes or more, but the electrified lockdown system is completed with the push of a button from the administrative offices, saving critical minutes. Making sure unauthorized people don't gain entry, controlling access within the building, and allowing easy exit in an emergency are accomplished rapidly with central control. Booth 8109


The dormakaba Keyscan Mobile Credential from dormakaba of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, is a credential delivery app for use with new or existing Keyscan access control systems that are equipped with K-SMART3 mobile-ready readers and Aurora software version 1.0.16 or newer. System administrators can issue secure and protected mobile credentials to authorized users' iOS- or Android-supported devices using Keyscan Aurora access control management software. They can then authorize access to exit and entry points throughout commercial buildings. Booth 8053


Modular full-height turnstiles from dormakaba of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, are suitable for securing the perimeter of buildings and properties. Two-, three-, and four-winged units with straight or U-shaped bars can be grouped together. The same applies for units with bicycle doors, integrated doors, and emergency egress. Additionally, full-height gates in a matching design offer a solution for ADA compliance. Factory-built integrated canopies with lighting options fit any of the single, multiple, or space-saving double units for a unified appearance. The quiet, low-energy drive consumes very little power. The push-assist feature adapts to the speed of the person entering. Turnstiles with integrated end-point locking prevent people from being trapped. Booth 8053


DSX Mobile Command from Dallas-based DSX Access Systems, Inc., brings the power of the DSX workstation program to the convenience of a smartphone. The mobile command feature allows the activation of custom predefined commands, locking and unlocking of doors, control of alarm points, and monitoring of system events from a mobile but secure application. Apple- and Android-compatible, it enables global functions such as building and campus lockdown, incident response reconfiguration, and more. Repetitive chores such as momentarily unlocking a door or granting access to a gate can be programmed into command buttons for easy activation. An administrator can lockdown any school in the district or every school from one command button. Booth 11109


GAI-Tronics of Mohnton, Pennsylvania, introduced its new UAP SmartController, an IP device that offers building automation/DCS control, SIP telephone, point-to-point serverless intercom, and point-to-point video. Designed for the light industrial and commercial markets, the device is multifunctional, flexible, and intuitive. This single controller conforms to user needs. It offers the latest technology for communications and control. Booth 3041


The Walkthrough Caster Set from Garrett Metal Detectors of Garland, Texas, is ideal for stadiums, special events, and school use. The casters, which can be permanently attached, allow full mobility of a Garrett PD 6500i walkthrough metal detector by one person. Detectors can be moved to a secure location when they are not in use and provide an unimpeded exit at the close of an event. The caster assembly is constructed of durable, powder-coated steel for use in all types of environmental conditions. Booth 17127


Genetec of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, offers Genetec Clearance, a collaborative investigation management system that allows organizations to securely collect, manage, review, and share digital evidence. The application is designed to facilitate the investigation process and provide greater cohesion among stakeholders that are involved following an event: security departments, law enforcement agencies, attorneys, and the public. Users can centralize related evidence from a variety of sources and share access to cases and files, while maintaining the security and auditability of all data within the system. Booth 26065


Hanwha Techwin America of Teaneck, New Jersey, announced the Wisenet WAVE. The highly customizable video management system is designed to support the advanced features and onboard video analytics that are unique to Hanwha cameras, such as virtual line, sound classification, and loitering. It meets the needs of customers looking for an easy-to-use, end-to-end video surveillance solution. Users can easily design and configure an advanced video system with built-in failover and multiserver architecture. Booth 14079


Workplace Optimization from HID Global of Austin, Texas, combines the power of Bluetooth Low-Energy, Wi-Fi, and cloud-based technologies to deliver a seamless user experience both in and out of the workspace. The platform provides increased visibility into the precise location of members of an organization's workplace in defined spaces (both indoors and out) and predictive analytics to quickly interpret space usage and building operational efficiency. Thanks to advanced geofencing tools, the platform provides real-time location awareness to help users understand the location of visitors and employees. Paired with last-known location and mustering counts, this technology introduces new possibilities to ensure safety, especially in emergency situations. Booth 11063


Hikvision USA of City of Industry, California, introduced new multisensor cameras to its video security product line. PanoVu cameras provide high-resolution video combined with views of up to 360 degrees. The PanoVu true panoramic camera combines four sensors and lenses for a fully stitched, 8-megapixel video stream that sees 180 degrees from side to side. The PanoVu flexible series boasts four separately adjustable camera modules both in rotation and position. They feature motorized zoom lenses and reflection-free infrared. A full-size dome with surround fixed cameras as well as a full-size 4K pan-tilt-zoom camera are also available. The PanoVu Mini is equipped with three cameras showing live video around the camera, plus a small camera mounted below the camera for more detailed views. Booth 18037


The LiveSky Tether-Powered Drone System from Hoverfly Technologies of Orlando, Florida, is capable of long-duration missions for use in public safety and commercial security. The system can fly continuously for hours, days, or even weeks at a time using a ground power source that is transmitted to the drone through ​the tether. Drones send RF secure data and operate from fixed base installations or from moving vehicles. Products fly autonomously and require no special piloting skills, making them practical for all types of missions. Customers can equip the drones with a variety of payloads including video, infrared cameras, communication detectors, transmitters, lights, and more. Drones are designed, built, and supported in the United States. Booth 6140


Micro Technology Services Inc. of Richardson, Texas, offers the Lynx Duress and Emergency Notification System. It allows users to easily add staff duress alarms to PCs and laptops that operate when logged on, logged off, or locked. An alarm will appear as a popup message on the computer, and it will also be communicated via Axis IP speakers, HDMI monitors, mobile devices, and more. Lynx also integrates with shooter detection systems, license plate readers, and Software House C-CURE 9000 access control systems. Violent behavior alarms detected by Axis microphones are communicated to computers with live IP video and via security radios. The system is scalable to tens of thousands of users. Booth L1 Lobby


Research Electronics International (REI) of Algood, Tennessee, introduced the ANDRE Near-field Detection Receiver, a hand-held broadband receiver that detects known, unknown, illegal, disruptive, or interfering transmissions. The device locates nearby RF, infrared, visible light, carrier current, and other types of transmitters. The ANDRE Advanced Kit includes a wide range of accessories designed to receive transmissions across a 1 kHz to 6 GHz frequency range. It presents signal responses on a touchscreen display, while its frequency counter generates an automatic signal list and detailed frequency band classification. Audio mode accesses analog audio demodulation, playback, and recording. The PC Data Viewer Software enables a post-investigation review of signal lists, chart screen captures, and saved audio files.  Booth 14127


MLR Mortise Locksets from Security Door Controls of Camarillo, California, are designed for the access control of openings in commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities where code compliance, dependable operation, and resistance to physical abuse are required. Ideal for automatic door operator applications, they replace most major brand mechanical locks in new and retrofit applications. MLR locksets comply with all national building and fire life safety code requirements for use on fire-rated doors, where the use of electric strikes and magnetic locks is prohibited. Booth 21109


The Via Series access and courtesy communication pedestal from Talkaphone of Niles, Illinois, is a connection point. The stylized pedestal is available with card reader and push plate switch options and includes a blue LED light band. When used in an access control installation, the light will change to green when the door is activated through the call station. Equipped with a VOIP-200 series call station, the pedestal is part of a complete access solution. Booth 23109


Vanderbilt of Parsippany, New Jersey, offers a complete cloud-based access control and video management solution. The Vanderbilt ACT365 allows users to remotely control and manage access to their facilities without a dedicated IT department. The solution is easily scaled to accommodate additional doors and cameras and to view live and recorded video, manage users, conduct muster reporting in an emergency, and review alarms, all from a unified, cloud-based interface. Booth 5083


The Dortronics ML-1100 Series Mortise Lock & Pull provides another choice for electronically securing storefront aluminum glass doors. Made by Dortronics Systems, Inc., of Sag Harbor, New York, the lock mechanism is an electromagnet installed into the swing side aluminum jamb. The armature is concealed and mounted into the handle, which is installed onto the pull side of the flush mount door's stile. The handle pulls directly against the electromagnet, providing evenly spaced holding force and limiting the ability to rack the door. The device uses a 10-inch-long, 10,000-pound holding force electromagnet. Booth 1038


New Valerus VMS software from Vicon Industries of Hauppauge, New York, is an open-platform browser-based video management software (VMS) solution that is designed to simplify every aspect of surveillance. The government of Sinaloa, Mexico, is using the platform to unify citywide video surveillance systems from throughout the state under a single platform. Managed from the capital in Culiacan, the system will allow for greater coordination between various law enforcement agencies in their effort to combat drug cartels entrenched in the region. Learn more about the case at Booth 10077


HID SAFE Enterprise is innovative physical identity and access management software from HID Global of Austin, Texas Formerly known as Quantum Secure's SAFE Software Suite, HID SAFE Enterprise automates and simplifies the physical identity and access management of organizations' employees, contractors, visitors, and tenants. A policy-based solution, HID SAFE Enterprise addresses the common physical identity and access management challenges organizations face, such as onboarding, badging, access management, visitor management, and compliance. Booth 11063