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The Unique Threat of Insiders

October 2017 | COVER STORY

Organizations recognize insider threats as the “most potentially damaging component of their individual threat environments,” according to a SANS survey. But many have done little to address and mitigate that threat, making them vulnerable to attacks that leverage access and credentials. Chris Inglis, former deputy director and senior civilian leader of the NSA during the Edward Snowden leaks, shares his insights on gaps in addressing insider threats.

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Empowered International Teams

Localized authority, information access, a guiding vision, and mission alignment can all be persuasive empowerment tools for teams with global scope.

Stress Test

Cutting-edge research is building a better understanding of the trauma experienced by first responders. Now it can be treated by innovative virtual reality

Mobile Mayhem

As more U.S. federal employees, including the commander-in-chief, use mobile devices to conduct official business, the risks to national security increase.

Driving the Business

Despite increased awareness of cyberattacks, many executives still struggle to effectively communicate cyber risks to their boards.