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Fake News, Real Threats

November 2017 | COVER STORY

Deliberately false news stories can have painfully real effects on people and organizations. While primarily political in nature, fake news has been used against various institutions and poses a real and increasing threat to private sector organizations of all sizes. In this article, Jeremy E. Plotnick explains how viral fake news can influence stock exchanges, tarnish organizations’ reputations, and directly threaten physical harm—and how to respond.

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The Future is Flexible

Effectively managing a teleworking program can be a strategic way to boost your firm's retention and engagement while improving employee satisfaction.

The Unseen Threat

A shift in the industry toward enterprise security risk management focuses on using risk assessments to inform an organization's security approach.

Highway to Hurt

Fighting human smuggling and trafficking by truck requires all hands on deck, with the feds, industry reps, law enforcement and survivors all playing roles

The Zero Day Problem

A series of cyberattacks leveraging a vulnerability discovered by the U.S. National Security Agency renews debate about storage of zero-day vulnerabilities