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The Dirty Secret of Drug Diversion

August 2017 | COVER STORY

Healthcare workers are stealing opiates from their workplaces, and it's up to security professionals to identify, investigate, and keep track of offenders.

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Securing Sacred Spaces

Recent attacks at houses of worship around the globe challenge security professionals with protecting open facilities on a limited budget.

Harassment Prevention

Sexual harassment is a serious workplace violence issue that warrants not just a reporting hotline but a multifaceted, culture-affirming prevention program.

ESRM: A Shift in Global Risk

The quest to better understand the sources of global risk is of continuing importance to many practitioners of enterprise security risk management.

In the Zone

Foreign embassies are balancing safety and security by using design to be more inviting to host countries' while keeping criminals at arm's length.

Identify the Solution

A California-based government contractor that cleans military vessels takes advantage of a secure identification solution to meet federal requirements.

Data Breach Trends

Ransomware and cyber espionage were responsible for many of 2016's data breaches. These experts say companies can do more to prevent these attacks.