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Photo courtesy of Genetec

Industry News December 2021

Illegal Dumping

The New Orleans City Council District E is combating polluting using Genetec’s Security Center, a unified security platform. Illegal dumping is a ubiquitous issue for cities around the world, and District E is using the security solution as part of a larger push to revitalize its community.

Beyond the city limits, illegal dumping remains a global issue as non-designated dump sites can seriously impact the surrounding environment and decrease nearby property values. Improperly discarded items—such as mobile devices, automotive parts, clothes, and household cleaners or solutions—can leach toxic or carcinogenic chemicals or materials into the surrounding soil and water. For example, Europe’s largest illegal dumping site, the “triangle of death,” is a region in southern Italy marked by above-average cancer-related deaths linked to residents’ proximity to the pollution.

To tackle its own pollution problem, District E’s sanitation department partnered with New Orleans’s Real Time Crime Center (RTCC) to install a network of cameras focused on known dumping sites. The RTCC—already familiar with Security Center, using it to manage public safety improvements throughout the Louisiana city—set up an event-to-action rule in the platform so that when motion is detected by the camera, the system flags it and notifies IT staff for evaluation.

One recorded success of the system came contributing to the city police department’s arrest of a repeat offender who was previously convicted for dumping 14,000 tires.

Mergers and Moves  


The acquisition of the scalable cloud infrastructure management company gives Lacework access to Infrastructure as Code (IaC) remediation capabilities and its clients can integrate security practices into their software delivery workflows.

Marmic Fire & Safety, Inc.//APS FireCo

The purchase of full-service fire protection company APS will allow Marmic, a fire and life safety service provider, to expand its footprint into the Tulsa, Oklahoma, region.

BlueHalo//Citadel Defense

With the acquisition of Citadel Defense, BlueHalo expanded its portfolio for national security customers with advanced counter-unmanned aerial systems (cUAS) technology.

HelpSystems//Digital Guardian

The addition of Digital Guardian and PhishLabs bolsters HelpSystems’s data security and cybersecurity portfolio with mitigating digital risks and data loss prevention solutions for large and mid-sized organizations.


C2A Security was named a CES 2022 Innovation Honoree for its AutoSec product, a cybersecurity lifecycle management system for vehicles.


Leidos was awarded a $76 million contract to continue supporting the Office of Child Support Enforcement within the Department of Health and Human Services. 


Cloudera announced Data Platform capabilities available to assist federal agencies meet the requirements set by the Biden administration’s executive order on improving U.S. cybersecurity.



Operations, maintenance, and repair service provider NAES Corporation partnered with ABSG Consulting, Inc., to provide cybersecurity services for critical infrastructure in U.S. power and energy companies.


The partnership with Hunter Strategy and HashiCorp will deliver enhanced integration and DevSecOps implementation services for federal, defense, and intelligence agencies.


TRM Labs, Eventus, and Notabene have partnered to offer firms within the digital asset ecosystem solutions for cryptocurrency anti-money laundering, trade surveillance, and travel rule compliance for virtual asset service providers.