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July/August 2022 Marketplace. What security products are available this summer 2022?

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Marketplace: Self-Testing Smoke Detectors, Radar-Activated Drone Systems, and More

NF-Trifecta-Product-Group-02_300x200.jpgSelf-Testing Smoke Detectors

The NOTIFIER INSPIRE fire alarm system with self-test detectors from Honeywell is designed to help create safer building environments by increasing facility managers’ awareness of system needs while equipping service providers with self-diagnosing digital tools that streamline maintenance, support regulatory compliance, and improve system uptime. The series is securely enabled through Honeywell’s Connected Life Safety Services cloud-based platform. The self-testing detectors eliminate barriers to testing and maintenance, including locked rooms, high ceilings, and hard-to-access spaces. Find out more at


04_Radar-bonus_DT_2020_300x200.jpgRadar-Activated Drone Security

Magos Systems partnered with Nightingale Security to provide an autonomous, radar-activated drone solution for perimeter security. When Magos ground-based radar detection—working in conjunction with pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras and MASS+AI software to classify targets and reduce nuisance alarms—detects a potential threat, it triggers a Blackbird drone to be dispatched to the alarm location while livestreaming video to the security team. The drone can fly in sustained winds up to 45 mph and can fly for up to 33 minutes at a time. It collects both visual sensor and thermal sensor data, and it can integrate with existing video management systems, alarm sensors, and alert systems. Find out more at

AmbientAI_252x200.jpgAI-Powered Forensics

New entity and event-based search capabilities within’s AI-Powered Forensics solution enable teams to search surveillance video streams by object, complex behaviors, and non-biometric person identifiers such as shirt color, which can significantly reduce investigation times. The solution’s search and filtering capabilities enable investigators to home in on key footage with complex event signatures (i.e., a person in a black shirt removing a package). The system also features one-click sharing and archiving capabilities to support expedited investigations, reporting, and compliance. Learn more at


Web-Image_Powered-by-Genetec_No-text_V3.jpgEnterprise-Level Access Control

A new collaboration combines Genetec access control software with Axis network door controllers in an all-in-one offering—Axis Powered by Genetec. The hardware comes pre-loaded with access control software, removing friction associated with traditional hardware/software integrations. Additionally, devices in the program benefit from continuous delivery of product and firmware improvements, new features, and cybersecurity updates. Learn more at


i-PRO-Multidirectional-Camera_300x200.jpgOutdoor Multi-Directional PTZ Camera

This small and lightweight outdoor-rated multi-PTZ camera from i-PRO Co. Ltd., the WV-X86531-Z2, features powerful edge artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, advanced cybersecurity, and vandal resistance. The multi-sensor camera enables high-quality, efficient coverage of wide areas, and the PTZ functionality gives operators more flexibility to focus in on areas of interest. The lighter weight (8.4 lbs) and smaller form factor mean the camera can be mounted at lower heights and at improved viewing angles to support better AI performance. Find out more at


Alcatraz-AIenrollment_lifestyle2_300x200.jpgWeb-Based Mobile Enrollment

Alcatraz AI added Web-based Mobile Enrollment and Privacy Consent Management functions to its facial authentication product the Rock. These functions empower organizations to eliminate friction in access control registration by enabling secure mass or individual enrollment from anywhere through the user’s own mobile device or tablet. Administrators can send a new employees a link or QR code to enable them to self-enroll in the organization’s access control system before their first day, streamlining this section of the onboarding process. The privacy function lets the user elect to opt-in or -out of the use of his or her facial biometric data, helping protect privacy and enable compliance with privacy regulations. Find out more at


PRYME Tactical Audio.jpgHeavy-Duty Communication Devices

PRYME Radio introduced a line of tactical and professional-grade two-way radios and cellular devices that are upgradable to heavy-duty tactical versions. The headsets and microphones are designed to be dust-resistant and waterproof, and a Hockey Puck PTT (push-to-talk) device is available in professional and tactical versions, enabling people wearing HAZMAT suits or in tactical situations to communicate via microphone or headset with the press of a button. Tactical teams can also use headsets that pick up sound directly from the user’s skull or throat and block ambient noise. Find out more at


Alert Enterprise Chatbot.pngAI-Powered Chatbot for Security Insights

The Guardian AI Chatbot, powered by OpenAI's ChatGPT and launched by AlertEnterprise, Inc., is designed to deliver security operators physical access and security insights with quick questions and prompts, such as the number of people in a certain area of the building, the number of badges issued in a given period, and upcoming employee training expirations for restricted area access. This automation helps to free up security operators’ time for more critical responsibilities. Find out more at


The Crossover Lock Product 5.pngLocks with Real-Time Alerts

If a Crossover Lock is cut, bumped, unlocked, or moving, the product sends users real-time alerts worldwide, including GPS tracking. The lock series from Elios provides a compact solution that alerts users before a break-in or theft happens. Users can unlock or share access to the lock remotely, and the device is equipped with a small touchscreen display for unlocking or viewing alerts. The devices are available in three types: bike lock, luggage lock, and utility lock. Find out more at


UltraCleanBlueFloor_300x200.jpgSliding Doors for Contamination Control

The UltraClean Atmospheric Series 2021 Sliding Door System by Horton was designed for contamination control in medical, pharmaceutical, and electronics manufacturing cleanroom environments. The heavy-duty automatic sliding doors comply with ISO 3 and ISO 5 standards for airborne particulates, protecting patients, visitors, and workers in healthcare environments from exposure to potentially harmful contamination. The doors can be surface applied or perimeter mounted, and they are available in custom finishes. Learn more at