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Ask an ASIS Champion: Insights from Rachel Briggs

Rachel Briggs, ASIS Champion

Ahead of GSX 2022, the GSX Daily team reached out to ASIS members around the world to learn more about the security challenges they’ve faced in the past two years, the educational sessions they’re looking forward to in Atlanta, and advice they have for their security peers.

Here are some insights from Rachel Briggs, CEO of the Clarity Factory and a member of the ASIS UK Chapter.

Connect with her on LinkedIn or follow her work on Twitter: @rachelbriggsuk and @ClarityFactory.

GSX Daily: What area of security do you work in?

Rachel Briggs: I run a company called The Clarity Factory—we conduct research and consultancy to assist corporate security departments in enhancing their efforts. We’re not working at the frontline of security practitioner delivery, but we ensure our research and consultancy is focused on practical insights and recommendations. We are currently running a research project supported by the ASIS Foundation on diversity and inclusion within our profession. We will be announcing the results at GSX.

GSX Daily: What has been the biggest security challenge for you in the past two years?

Rachel Briggs: I think we are all coming to terms with the implications of a much more aggressive Russia and China—our world is getting more volatile, and our old institutions are struggling to cope. It’s not clear what we need instead, but it’s something I’m working on.

GSX Daily: What security topic are you most looking forward to learning about at GSX 2022?

Rachel Briggs: I’m really encouraged to see more discussions this year on mental health and wellbeing. Our profession is full of dedicated professionals who don’t hesitate in going the extra mile. That’s something to be proud of but can take its toll. Our industry, the more we acknowledge this and speak openly about things like burnout and vicarious trauma, the better we will be at doing our jobs—and looking after one another.

GSX Daily: What networking activity at GSX 2022 are you most looking forward to?

Rachel Briggs: The Women in Security social is always a highlight.

GSX Daily: What advice do you have for first-time GSX attendees?

Rachel Briggs: Get organized—and get involved. GSX has so many events, meetings, and socials—be sure to do your homework. Also reach out to people you’d like to meet. Find them on LinkedIn and request a coffee.

GSX Daily: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received from a security peer?

Rachel Briggs: “Put on your own oxygen mask before helping others.” It might feel like a cliché, but it’s absolutely true.

GSX Daily: How do you destress after a long day?

Rachel Briggs: I have a two-year-old border collie who keeps me on my toes—literally. We walk miles together each day. I also love to play the guitar, spend time by the sea, and enjoy the occasional glass of wine!

GSX Daily: What’s a book, podcast, poem, or movie that’s influenced your work or your life that you would recommend to others?

Rachel Briggs: Rebel Ideas by Matthew Syed. I challenge anyone to read it and not be convinced by the value of diverse teams.