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March/April 2022 Marketplace

0322-Marketplace-License-Plate-Readers.jpgLicense Plate Readers

Genetec announced the next generation of its AutoVu SharpV automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) camera. The latest version offers a fixed ALPR solution that can be used anywhere. Along with machine learning and analytics, it can also perform in all conditions. The camera can be installed and running within minutes due to features including embedded 4G/LTE/GPS, plus motorized lenses with zoom and auto-focus. It can monitor entrances and exits, capture license plates on city streets and highways, manage off-street parking lots, and cover access points to search for wanted vehicles. Built-in illuminators, shutter, and high-resolution sensors offer users sharp images for any time of day or night, while vehicle analytics can provide information on vehicle type, color, and the speed and direction it was traveling.

0322-Marketplace-Moving-Surveillance-Camera.jpgMoving Surveillance Camera

Bosch introduced its Autodome IP starlight 5100i IR moving camera with a 1.1/8-inch sensor, offering 4-megapixel resolution and 30x optical zoom. It also offers HDR X combined with starlight technology and dual illumination—integrated IR and white light—which captures images that can distinguish between individuals and objects. The camera’s built-in artificial intelligence supports operators with object detection in areas of interest, even while idle, allowing for increased safety in city and perimeter environments. Capable of withstanding the elements, it includes an automatic rain-sensing wiper to keep images clear, and it is weatherized with an IP66 rating and vandal-resistant with IK10 housing.

0322-Marketplace-Video-Management.jpgVideo Management

Johnson Controls announced a recording solution, VideoEdge 2U High Capacity Network Video Recorder (NVR), which combines the capabilities of victor with the intelligence from VideoEdge NVRs. Fueled by Tyco Artificial Intelligence, the solution offers actionable insights and allows users to manage dozens of cameras at full frame and resolution rates. Users can record in RAID configurations up to 100 terabytes. They can take advantage of 12 front-accessible storage drives, which can be hot swapped while recording. This solution offers a redundant power supply and the ability to deploy cameras with an open architecture, adding and reassigning licenses at any time.

0322-Marketplace-Cloud-Video-Storage.jpgCloud Video Storage

Videoloft’s cloud video surveillance platform offers a remote recording solution for users and provides resellers with a potential revenue stream when added to offering portfolios. For large surveillance system clients, the solution delivers secure offsite video backup, while small and medium-sized businesses can record up to 8MP direct to the cloud—allowing for a remote standalone storage solution. The platform provides system integrators and resellers with video software as a solution (VSaaS) for any size system or vertical application.

0322-Marketplace-Access-Control.jpgAccess Control

ProdataKey (PDK) introduced four new controllers, expanding its high-security Red series. The PDK Red 8 and Red Max are all-in-one multi-controller and power supply enclosures for ordering and installing access control components for mid- to large-scale commercial projects. They feature a 10-amp power supply and streamline installation by reducing the complexity of cables for access control networks. The Red Gate and Red Pedestal, available with either Wimac wireless or Ethernet connectivity, offer security to a range of outdoor areas, including athletic fields, garages, gated entrances, loading docks, and parking lots.


Nymi and Giesecke+Devrient (G+D) developed a biometric wristband solution that offers companies and their employees a different approach to securely access a workplace. The wearable solution allows an employee passwordless and hands-free access, with users following a Privacy by Design and zero-trust security framework. The wristband is activated by fingerprint and heartbeat, authenticated by a mathematical template stored in the wristband’s internal chip. The Nymi Connected Worker Platform ensures interoperability with other security components across digital systems, physical environments, and corresponding networks.

Air Quality0322-Marketplace-Air-Quality.jpg

Senstar announced an integration of its Symphony Common Operating Platform with the HALO IoT Smart Sensor from IPVideo Corporation. The integration expands services for HALO users, including the ability to monitor alerts and notify staff about abnormal ranges of sounds, such as a gunshot; chemicals; and air quality and health, such as vaping. HALO helps provide immediate alerts to a facility’s occupants about dangerous conditions caused by airborne diseases or other threats, even in areas where video surveillance would be inappropriate, such as restrooms, locker rooms, hotel rooms, and hospital patients’ rooms.