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January/February 2022 Marketplace

0122-Marketplace-SOC-Automation.jpgSOC Automation

Vector Flow, Inc., announced that its security operations center (SOC) Automation Suite can reduce false and nuisance alarms by more than 80 percent. This reduction not only improves SOC efficiency and productivity, but it also lets operators focus on legitimate alerts and provide improved services. Based on standard SOC procedures, each alarm notification can take between two and 30 minutes for an operator to verify, observe the area via video surveillance, and, in some instances, dispatch a security officer to further investigate. Large organizations can quickly rack up costs when false alarms take up personnel time and energy. The SOC Automation Suite allows for automatic monitoring of thousands of connected devices, eliminating several manual tasks, and gathering and processing data for analysis and actionable insights.


01220-Marketplace-Mobile-Access-Control.jpgMobile Access Control

NAPCO Security Technologies announced its Gemini Commercial Mobile App for its Hybrid Control Panel Series. The app offers multi-tier controls for businesses of all sizes and on all Gemini Security and Integrated Access Control Systems, from eight to 255 zones. Available for free for iOS and Android devices, app features include mobile control of security systems and their integrated access control systems. It also supports multi-tier user and manager levels, including administrative control of users and groups such as managers and employees.