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December 2020 Marketplace


FARO Technologies, Inc., announced the release of its most portable and advanced handheld, fully self-contained 3D forensic scanner, the Freestyle 2. Investigators and reconstructors can use it for fast and complete scene documentation, providing immediate real-time visualizations with photorealistic reality capture capabilities. Versatile and lightweight, Freestyle 2 can scan distances ranging from 0.4m to 10m, or from small discrete objects at a crime scene investigation to entire vehicles, as well as interior scenes in illuminated interiors and outdoor spaces, and can generate usable data even in complete darkness.


AMAG Technology launched Symmetry Mobile, a Web credential application meant to be used with its Symmetry Bluetooth readers. The mobile app supports COVID-19 and Return to Work guidelines by promoting physical distancing and a frictionless setup. The platform also delivers a solution for using mobile devices to gain access to secured doors. The Mobile Credential Portal allows for central management of the credentials, photos, and devices remotely.


MBX Systems expanded its line of pre-built, pre-engineered hardware platforms for physical security applications to help independent software vendors right-size deployments for specific end-user environments. The expanded Varion reference platforms span access control servers, analytics/AI servers, client workstations, computer servers, video storage arrays, and video recording servers. A full-service program provides speed to market, quality assurance, prepared deployment of customers’ software, global logistics, and reduced program administration time and cost.


SAFR from RealNetworks, Inc., announced SAFR Inside, a new app component of its facial recognition and computer vision platform that runs on ACAP-enabled cameras with edge processing capabilities. SAFR Inside reduces network traffic and server overhead while operating on the new AXIS Q1615 Mk III Network Camera. The app also offers features for fighting COVID-19, including automatic audio reminders when someone is not wearing a face mask, facial recognition (even when someone is wearing a mask), and touchless access control systems.


Dunbar Security Solutions is now an official dealer and installer of Openpath Access Control Systems. Available to commercial property customers across the Mid-Atlantic, the Openpath suite offers access control hardware and enterprise cloud-based software products. These solutions allow for automated and touchless unlocking of doors, gates, and elevators. The technology uses an application installed on iOS and Android mobile devices, eliminating the need for keys and badges. Managers can also text one-time guest pass keys to visitors and remotely unlock or lock doors. Another key benefit of Openpath is that its open framework allows for integration with existing systems, bypassing the need to replace legacy hardware and software.


Dallmeier’s Panomera system, with its multifocal sensor technology, allows end users and installers to experiment with different focal lengths to capture high resolution images of objects near and far. Customer benefits include improved overview of the covered area and better analysis capabilities thanks to the high-resolution display of spatial contexts, even over large areas. Panomera also offers a “stitching” software running in the background that merges the individual images so users can capture even large expanses or long distances in a definable minimum resolution.


SISCO’s visitor management systems ensure that every individual in a facility has completed a precautionary health questionnaire and has been screened for elevated body temperatures using the FAST-PASS integrated thermal camera. Every feature of the system is customizable by the end user, although most follow the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommendations, such as denying access to visitors with a temperature higher than 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit. The contactless solution is configured on the registration desk and can be stationed behind plexiglass.


Quanergy Systems, Inc., unveiled a new QORTEX People Counter solution that delivers more than 98 percent accuracy from pitch dark or indoor to very bright lighting conditions in full sunlight. Part of Quanergy’s Flow Management platform, the counter provides insights about the flow and number of people in stores, public transportation centers, stadiums, venues, and more. The enhanced solution provides full outdoor operations irrespective of environmental lighting conditions, fuses data from up to eight sensors to cover virtually any width of openings and doors, and employs perception software, which does not rely on facial recognition technology or require storage of personally identifiable information. It can also be adapted to other applications, such as tracking containers, crates, vehicles, and more.


RGB Spectrum’s QuadView UHDx KVM offers simultaneous display and control of up to four computer screens on a single monitor. The 4Kp60 multi-image video processor allows for a simplified user interaction, allowing an operator to simply drag the mouse to a window to take control of the computer displayed. QuadView UHDx KVM affords up to full 3840 x 2160p 4K input and output, including four HDMI 2.0 and two DisplayPort 1.2 input ports. The system offers analog and digital audio for routing audio from any source, an auto scaler for every input, and 16 preset and 16 customizable display layouts. The processor presents advantages to security operation centers, medical monitoring stations, and more.


Hanwha Techwin America debuted its next generation Wisenet 7 System on Chip (SoC), designed specifically to address the challenges of the security market. New key features include industry-leading cybersecurity features, clear images in all lighting conditions, improved lens distortion correction, and more. Wisenet 7 also offers end-to-end cybersecurity with protection features including secure boot, secure operating system, storage, and JTAG, plus a signed firmware/open platform app and more.


LILIN introduced a monitoring system capable of accurately measuring individuals’ body temperatures and detecting whether they are wearing a protective face mask. Based on LILIN’s AIDA AI, this touch-free system is suitable for medical institutions, large public gatherings, schools, retail outlets, and businesses. Together, the P3T6522E2-F camera and NVR51T4E temperature measurement network video recorder support facial temperature readings up to 30 inches from face to camera, and the entire process lasts less than three seconds per person.