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GSX+ 2020 Product Showcase

Check out some of the latest and greatest products from the security industry in this annual product showcase.

amag 1200x675_Symmetry_Mobile_with_Blue_no_branding.jpg

AMAG Technology

AMAG Technology announced Symmetry Mobile, a Web credential application designed for AMAG’s Symmetry Bluetooth readers. Symmetry Mobile supports COVID-19 and return-to-work guidelines, allowing for social distancing and a frictionless setup. This credential management platform offers a solution for organizations relying on mobile devices to access secured doors, eliminating the need to physically interact with security personnel or visit a badging office. The Mobile Credential Portal allows for remote central management of credentials, photos, and devices. The app and the reader integrate with Symmetry Access Control and other access control systems, and the platform supports multifactor authentication when used with a PIN or biometric marker on Android and Apple iOS devices.


imagesdhp.pngContinental Access

The new CA4K Access Manager app, now available in the iTunes and Google Play stores, adds another level of mobile control to CA4K Enterprise Integrated Access Control Software developed by Continental Access, a Napco Security Group Company. The app—which also supports push notifications or emails in an emergency, threat level escalation, or lockdown events—acts as a virtual enterprise workstation on any smart device, allowing for management of threat levels, lockdown, status, and personnel. It also provides control of up to 32,000 doors, wireless PIN/Prox locks, elevators, and entryways, including their global or APB-area lock down.


P0920 Pedestal Pro 124TOW-PDK-001-304_touchpanel.pngedestal PRO

Pedestal PRO’s customizable pedestal solutions offer a choice of flush or surface-mount devices to improve freestanding access control bollards along your perimeter. Here, Comelit’s 3454HD is mounted next to ProdataKey’s Touch IO reader for a sleek, brushed stainless steel design. All fasteners are tucked away, hidden by an internal base plate accessible through a back panel. One of many customizable models, all bollards feature premium architectural aesthetics that can appeal to architects, engineers, business owners, and users. Standard models ship within 24 hours; custom orders require between 12 and 15 business days.


imaget63mf.pngResearch Electronics Inc.

REI (Research Electronics Incorporated) developed a portable spectrum analyzer that assesses radio frequency (RF) energy in a variety of environments. The new Mobility Enhanced Spectrum Analyzer (MESA) is a handheld RF receiver that detects known, unknown, illegal, disruptive, or interfering transmissions across a wide range of frequencies, up to 12 GHz when used with the Down Converter antenna. The MESA includes testing modes for RF spectrum analysis, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile bands, and a new mode that displays like a broadband receiver. With a polycarbonate body only slightly larger and heavier than a DSLR camera, MESA is also the only solution of its kind to be completely touch-screen controlled.




B.I.G. prefabricated guard shacks offer a way to reduce installation times and expenses by meeting the energy and building codes of every U.S. state. Along with reducing operating costs and stretching design budgets, B.I.G. also offers bullet resistant construction with non-exposed armor plate.




blobid0.jpgHanwha Techwin

In every market and for every application, the need for intelligent networked surveillance solutions remains. Hanwha Techwin’s new product development is the Wisenet 7 System on a Chip (SoC). Developed in-house and built in Korea, new features and analytics for Wisenet 7 continue to come online, with it becoming the company’s most technology-intensive, innovative, and feature-rich SoC.


blobid1.pngAllied Universal

Allied Universal enhanced its advanced artificial intelligence HELIAUS technology platform to include a new visitor screening application, helping keep facilities and employees secure during the COVID-19 pandemic. The visitor screening application includes new suggestions for workflows that can help with visitor screening, social distancing management, workplace signage, and maintaining a safe and clean workplace. The information electronically collected by HELIAUS during screening or custom workflows is fed into the platform’s artificial intelligence engine, which recommends improvements to the facility’s condition.


imagefor0q.pngAXIS Communications

AXIS’s C1410 Network Mini Speaker is a PoE powered standalone unit that can be placed on walls or ceilings to enhance existing security systems in small, indoor spaces and tight corridors. The speaker’s small, flexible design features easy integration with any network video, access control systems, and Voice over IP (VoIP). With a built-in PIR sensor, audio messages can be delivered in response to detected motion. The speaker’s built-in memory supports prerecorded messages and live security notifications. A built-in microphone allows for remote health testing so end users can confirm that the system is always working.


TEAM Software

With TEAM Software’s holistic, all-in-one software, clients can adjust operating procedures, workflows, and reporting requirements in response to compliance requirements from government entities—while remaining accountable to an organization’s customers, contracts, employees, and leadership. When implemented and leveraged correctly, a holistic software solution tailored to a client’s industry can keep business operations stable and compliant in the face of change, allowing for flexibility whether from the back office or the field.


imagejo73k.pngBrownyard Group

More than 70 years ago, Brownyard Group pioneered the development of liability insurance coverage specifically for the security guard industry with its Brownguard program. One of the largest U.S. insurance providers, the company works through an admitted insurer for the security guard, private investigative, and alarm industries. Brownyard Claims Management, Inc. (BCM) is a loss-prevention and full-service claims facility, offering claim settlement services, fully automated systems, and technology solutions.



Through a risk-based approach, G4S offers a customized, multilayered security program that allows clients to stay focused on their business initiatives. With a combination of security professionals, methods, and technology, G4S designs integrated security solutions to manage risk, drive compliance, and provide business value. The company also offers a range of capabilities, including risk consulting and intelligence services, systems integration and monitoring, AMAG Technology software solutions, and security professionals to protect people, property, and other assets.


MailSecur with tagline logo above 1383.jpgRaySecur

Offering a quick setup, MailSecur from RaySecur can detect more and smaller threats than x-ray mail scanners—useful as companies receive thousands of mail-borne threats every year. MailSecur can be up and running in just 30 minutes and requires no special certification or screening to operate. This solution is the first mail scanner designated by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology and is being used by the security teams of major companies and world leaders.


image31cip.pngGarrett Metal Detectors

Garrett’s Quick-Q technology offers quick access into stadiums, arenas, outdoor events, convention centers, and concert halls. This technology can move high volumes of patrons through events, reducing line queues and large crowds outside the venue. When used with Garrett’s walk-through metal detector, the PD 6500i, fans do not need to divest themselves of their cell phones or other small metallic items to be screened, improving throughput rates of event attendees.


image94jy5.pngAlarm Lock

Alarm Lock, a division of Napco
Security Technologies, presents Trilogy Networx Wireless Access Locks, now certified with Lenel Version 7.6 OnGuard Integrated Access Control and Video Security Platform. They feature a digital keypad and/or built-in smart reader, plus the longest battery life and field-proven low-maintenance. Networx Wireless Access Control Solutions can replace standard locks on any door in under an hour, with no wires to run and no access panels or power supplies to buy or install. The locks provide an access system with advanced functions, including automatic schedules, event logs, and support for 2,000 doors and 5,000 existing identification cards or badges.


imagexajt8.pngHanwha Techwin

Hanwha Techwin’s full suite of health and safety intelligent solutions can readily adapt to the requirements of any changing business environment. Its Occupancy Monitoring System combines 4K camera resolution with edge-based AI video analytics, allowing clients to easily maintain safe building occupancy levels to protect employees and customers. The application provides retailers, houses of worship, museums, entertainment facilities, restaurants, and more with highly accurate, real-time data on the number of people in a facility at any given time.


image6d7b.pngPalAmerican Security

PalAmerican Security
employs a 12-step selection process when considering applicants for its professional security officer program. Those qualified and accepted individuals are then provided with professional, vertical-specific training, and additional on-site training designed to exceed industry standards throughout North America. PalAmerican professional security officers focus on customer service and are backed by industry-leading security training.


0920 CEIA Ferromagnetic 01_MSDi_model.jpgCEIA Metal Detectors

CEIA’s MSDi High-Performance Ferromagnetic Weapons Detector is specifically designed for easy integration of ferromagnetic weapons detection in covert access control. The MSDi’s small footprint allows for the concealment of ferromagnetic detection technology inside ornamental structures and combines the features of MSD and MSD EVO in a single, compact device. Extremely durable and reliable, MSDi offers high and uniform sensitivity with detection over a person’s entire height.






SecurAmerica offers innovative contract security service solutions across the United States, with a business model based on creating and delivering operational excellence to customers by selecting the right people, training them to exceed clients’ requirements, and providing them with a culture that is focused on 100 percent customer and employee satisfaction. SecurAmerica strives to deliver value, cost effectiveness, and results to all customers.



Altronix introduced the LINQ8ACM Dual-Voltage Access Power Controller with LINQ Network Power Management. This new solution facilitates a wide range of locking devices while providing network monitoring, reporting, and control of eight independently controlled fuse or PTC protected access control outputs. For quick on-site verification, the LINQ8ACM is equipped with bi-color LEDs which indicate 12 or 24VDC on each of the eight outputs. The LINQ8ACM Dual-Voltage Access Power Controller is manufactured in the United States and backed by a lifetime warranty.



Esri’s ArcGIS Mission is a command and control system that organizations—from disaster response and law enforcement agencies to executive protection and event security teams—can use to streamline mission management, gain situational awareness during active missions, provide geospatial-based peer-to-peer communication in the field, and conduct post-mission reviews. ArcGIS Mission offers the core capabilities of other tactical situational awareness solutions, but it also streamlines mission workflows and integrates directly with existing security technologies to provide new capabilities.



Instead of installing a new fire alarm, users can update communications to LTE Cellular to replace vanishing, costly copper POTS lines, or old sunsetting 3G/CDMA radios. Universal StarLink Fire Dual Path Communicators are an easy-to-deploy, low-cost solution that ensure any brand 12V/24V FACP keeps communicating quickly to first responders through AT&T and Verizon LTE networks. NFPA and UL fire code compliant and requiring no extra power supply or conduit, Napco Security Technologies’ StarLink Fire Communicators can be quickly installed and replace two POTS lines per fire panel.


Special Response Corporation

For more than 30 years, Special
Response Corporation has provided security, becoming a national leader for its protection of both personnel and property, providing security consulting and services to protect business and industry in homeland security threats, natural disasters, and manmade disasters. Past assignments include executive protection, plant downsizing or closure, labor unrest, and civil disturbances. Special Response team members have backgrounds in law enforcement and/or the U.S. Armed Forces—personnel who have been professionally recruited, screened, and trained.


STI 2020_08 2414163X3 sema153.pngSafety Technology International

Big or small, STI (Safety Technology International) has a wire guard to fit it all. New heavy-duty 9-gauge speaker guards are constructed with a corrosion-resistant polyester coating and are recommended for areas of severe abuse or where it is imperative that speakers continue to operate. Fast and easy to install, the cages protect speakers and other large devices against vandalism, theft, and damage. They are available in two sizes and guaranteed for three years against breakage in normal use. Several additional wire guard models and sizes are also available for smoke detectors, motion detectors, emergency lights, clocks, cameras, and more.


Amico ASIS Sept Product Showcase 073120.jpgAMICO Security

AMICO Security’s Chameleon Perimeter Security System allows users to upgrade an existing chain link fence to the AMIGUARD Perimeter System. By using the existing fence posts, Chameleon’s High Security Curtain Wall system upgrades the existing fence to a perimeter system with anti-cut and anti-climb features, while the AMICLAMP design allows for the integration of the AMIGUARD Infini-Rail. The Chameleon system works with post sizes including 1-7/8”, 2-3/8”, 2-7/8”, 4”, and 6-5/8.” It also comes in various finishes.


Parkut 19-160.jpgPar-Kut International

Par-Kut International’s Presidential Series security booth comes completely factory assembled and can serve as both an access control point and as a visitor information booth. Ideal for school grounds, the guard shelter design blends into the surrounding classic architecture of school buildings. Further, while in development of the project, Par-Kut and the architect can collaborate to ensure a structure well-suited to serve the application functionally and that provides long-term value. The welded steel Par-Kut guard building offers both comfort and durability.


HID multiple-products-family-5689x4528.pngHID

HID Location Services combines a hardware and software solution for delivering actionable occupancy data that scales based on the needs of the facility. Integration with third-party systems allows customers to understand building entry and exit; gauge building occupancy by floor or room; set up virtual security zones and automate alerts or alarms for violations; and locate building occupants in the event of an emergency. HID Location Services can be used as part of an organizational strategy for enabling a safe return-to-work now and create a safer, more secure, efficient, and optimized environment when it’s business as usual.



ADT Commercial

ADT Commercial, a provider of commercial security, fire, life safety, and risk consulting services, supports more than 300,000 customer locations with a network of more than 4,500 experts throughout 150 locations and two monitoring and operations centers. Built on a foundation of decades of customer service and industry expertise, ADT continues to expand its portfolio of solutions, geographic reach, and commercial field operations.


Marks USA D-Lig.jpgMarks USA

New to the Marks USA LifeSaver Healthcare Series are the 195BH and 5BH D-Lig Slide Behavioral Health Locksets. These Grade 1 anti-ligature locksets are available in cylindrical or mortise, and they are BHMA156.34 Anti-Ligature Trim Standard compliant. The solid cast stainless steel 5-point ligature resistant slide slides down freely in the locked or unlocked position. The D-Lig Slide is also tamper-proof—bolted for durability and easy installation—and available with an antimicrobial finish option.



Genetec Mission Control is a collaborative decision management system providing organizations with new levels of situational intelligence, visualization, and complete incident management capabilities. Mission Control empowers organizations to move beyond simple event and alarm management by collecting and qualifying data from thousands of sensors and security devices, spotting the most complex situations and incidents, and guiding security teams in their response following organization-specific processes and compliance requirements.


0920 CEIA Metal Detector 02_PMD2-Plus_EllipticColumn_StraightView.jpgCEIA Metal Detectors

CEIA’s PMD2 Plus elliptic walk-through metal detector can detect a large range of threat objects composed of magnetic, nonmagnetic, and mixed alloys. The enhanced multi-zone metal detector can operate in high profile checkpoints and architecturally demanding environments. Twenty-two embedded security standards, discrimination technology on personal metal items, rapid transit flow, and extremely versatile visual and acoustic signaling capability are some of the main features offered by this model. Optional weather resistant protection is also available.


Live Earth Platform.pngLive Earth

Live Earth is an open platform, SaaS-based application, with roots in the U.S. Department of Defense. The platform leverages a technology stack that provides real-time situational awareness and an advanced approach to alerting and incident management. Live Earth, a geo-temporal data visualization technology, fuses millions of disparate data sources and presents them on a common operational picture. This enhanced visualization advances business operations globally with increased safety and security, business intelligence, and operational efficiency.


Vanderbilt U.S.

With something for everyone, Vanderbilt U.S. offers a fully integrated solutions portfolio that features Web-based, cloud-based, and on-premises access control solutions, as well as integrated or standalone video management platforms. Organizations of all sizes—from small-sized businesses to global enterprises—can use the suite of products presented by the Vanderbilt brand, which also offers dedicated customer service, product development, and training.