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June 2020 Marketplace

accessgard.jpgSecurity Glass

Global Security Glazing introduced its Accessgard security glazing, a laminated glass product that is designed to improve a building’s security without compromising glass performance benefits and aesthetics. Tested to nationally recognized standards, the glazing is capable of withstanding an extensive physical attack. Available for new and retrofit applications, Accessgard can be used in most standard framing systems and is suited for use in ground floor areas, entryways, meeting and conference rooms, and other areas where security is a priority.


dd.jpgGate and Door Hardware

D&D Technologies recently introduced its ConcealFit Closer and Hinge Set, a hydraulic concealed closer and hinge set, packaged in an all-in-one combination. The kit is suitable for both interior and exterior uses for doors and gates. For doors, the set provides concealed, lean openings, including four positional adjustments that aid in installation, and a UL10C fire rating. For gates, the set features a durable anodized coating and no exposed parts to discourage climbing. The ConcealFit sets include dress covers and hidden hydraulics in a tamper-resistant, compact design.


vivotel.jpgLicense Plate Detection

VIVOTEK teamed up with PlateSmart Technologies to integrate Powered by PlateSmart. Based on artificial intelligence and deep machine learning, Powered by PlateSmart allows users to easily extend their solutions to include the vehicle data the solution can provide, such as the license plate, its state jurisdiction, vehicle make, and color.


elbit.jpgAerial Firefighting

Elbit Systems recently successfully demonstrated its HyDrop system, a solution providing high-altitude and high-precision aerial firefighting. With the HyDrop system, aircrafts can deliver 1.6 tons of liquid pellets in a computed ballistic trajectory, precisely saturating their targets. The system includes a pellet manufacturing machine, which can produce up to 10 tons of pellets per hour. The biodegradable pellets can be filled with water, foam, or fire retardant.


es2.jpgEmergency Signaling

The new Haz. Loc. D2xB1LD3 LED beacon from E2S Warning Signals is a UL1971-compliant visual emergency signaling device for use as part of a public mode fire alarm installation for hazardous areas. All components of the D2x family are housed in marine grade aluminum enclosures with an ingress protection rating of IP66, NEMA Type 4 and 4x, offering protection even in the harshest environments.


hanwha.jpgIP Cameras

Hanwha Techwin announced its new completely modular PoE extender cameras, which are designed for easy installation, service, and upgrades. The Wisenet X series PLUS cameras feature in-camera audio messaging playback, extended temperature handling, and removable color skins. Suitable for indoor and outdoor settings, the cameras use magnets to lock sensor modules into place for instant installation. The PoE extender camera can be 100 meters from the switch, and the second camera can extend another 80 meters.



Intimus 85 RX Series Pharmacy Shredders offer pharmacies, clinics, addiction centers, nursing homes, and other HIPAA-compliant medical facilities the ability to destroy a range of sensitive medical information and products, including paper prescriptions, bottles, flat or crumpled paper, cardboard, adhesive labels, x-rays, ID badges, credit cards, passports, CDs, and other multimedia items. The compact shredders easily fit in tight spaces like under counters, and they can be moved for emptying and relocation.


napco.jpgCellular Alarm Systems

Napco Security Technologies announced the availability of its iSecure Complete Cellular Alarm Systems, easily installable and programmable with any smartphone or tablet. The system is available in three all-inclusive kits, offering the choice of wireless keypad, security touchscreen, or connected home touchscreen. It also includes two wireless window or door sensors and wireless PIR. iSecure features a Go-Anywhere Smart Hub with built-in StarLink Cellular/IP LTE dual path alarm reporting, spoken voice prompts, an 85dB siren, RF-receiver, and 24-hour standby for maximum power-outage protection.


pdk.jpgAccess Control

ProdataKey (PDK) announced the availability of its touch io Bluetooth reader, which allows users who have installed a mobile credential on a smartphone to enter a controlled door with a simple hand touch to the reader. The readers are also compatible with traditional key cards and fobs. Unlike other Bluetooth readers, the solution provides a record of presented credential type to the PDK io system’s events log, allowing administrators to control mobile credentials.


sentry.jpgModular Doorbells

BOSMA USA Inc. introduced Sentry, a smart modular doorbell system with a camera and the ability to add extra features. There are four add-on options for a variety of security needs: a PIR + flashlight module, a fingerprint module, a gateway module, and a weather sensor module. Sentry’s AI software offers facial recognition, package detection, and active theft prevention.


lilin.jpgSecurity Cameras

LILIN Americas announced its analog high-definition (AHD) 705A3.6 5-megapixel vandal-resistant bullet camera for indoor and outdoor surveillance projects. The camera features 2592 x 1944 resolution without compression for capture and viewing of real-time crimes, attacks, vandalism, or other unwanted actions, giving users a clear view of what happened. Other performance features include 2D noise reduction, IR Cut Day/Night imaging, and IP66 rain and dust resistance.