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May 2020 ASIS News

Just as you support your organization and community during turbulent times, ASIS International plays an important role in supporting you. As COVID-19 spreads, ASIS is committed to helping security professionals manage this threat.

Some regions around the globe continue to combat the spread of this disease while others look toward planning for recovery. Throughout this time, ASIS offers the following resources for security professionals:

• The disease outbreak information hub features aggregated knowledge from our 34 expert councils and related ASIS industry partners. This page is updated daily with additional resources and commentary from Security Management editors, so continue to check in for up-to-date information. If we are missing any important resources, send us a note at [email protected].

• Timely virtual learning, including webinars—free to ASIS members—examine crisis management and pandemic best practices, ways security teams can support their healthcare facilities, the disease’s impact on the supply chain and mass transportation, and more. View available webinars at

• And let’s not forget ASIS Connects, your number one resource for real-time information sharing with thousands of ASIS members around the globe. Get involved at Plus, with the launch of the new ASIS Mobile Engagement app, this network is always at your fingertips. Search “ASIS International” in the Apple App Store or Google Play.

You demonstrate calm, capable leadership every day—especially during times of trouble. ASIS is here to support you 24/7/365. Please reach out to us if you need anything at all, and we will do our best to support you. Stay healthy and continue to check for updates related to COVID-19 support.

A Smarter Exchange: GSX Education Unveiled

There are many ways for security professionals to grow their careers at Global Security Exchange (GSX), to be held 21–23 September in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. At GSX networking events, attendees can confer with infectious disease experts from the Atlanta-based U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), security managers who were involved in preparing for large-scale events like the 1996 Olympics and 2019 Super Bowl, and 20,000 of their peers from more than 100 countries around the globe.

The GSX expo hall will showcase the full spectrum of security solutions, allowing attendees to explore, compare, and invest in the latest technology for their specific needs.

Additionally, and certainly not least of all, GSX offers a best-in-class environment for education that will provide year-round benefits for attendees. The GSX education program—led by ASIS and InfraGard subject matter experts—consists of a full curriculum of quality content in an immersive and interactive learning environment, offering insights and best practices to security professionals at every stage of their career.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the topics that will be addressed this year:

• Active assailants and workplace violence are always topics of interest to our audience. Sessions will explore preparedness and recovering from an incident.

• A comprehensive look at enterprise security risk management (ESRM) will examine the basic foundations of the concept as well as case study applications.

• Cybersecurity will be covered from the perspectives of regulatory issues, budgeting, traveling, and more.

• Insider threats are a persistent concern. Attendees will learn about mitigation, effective programs, and issues regarding remote workers.

• Business continuity and risk management coverage will range from identifying the crisis to managing stress during one.

ASIS International is closely monitoring the evolving coronavirus pandemic. Please visit for the latest updates and registration information. ASIS remains your trusted partner all year long—so please know that you can register for GSX with confidence. If you are unable to attend due to COVID-19, we have you covered.

To view the full education lineup, visit Save $200 on your All-Access Pass when you register by 26 June.

ASIS and SIA Form New Partnership

ASIS International and the Security Industry Association (SIA), the leading membership associations for the security industry, are working together to aid in the COVID-19 recovery and rebuilding efforts of its diverse group of 34,000 member professionals and more than 1,000 member companies.
The partnership will begin by addressing two primary areas of focus: business operations and advocacy, plus content development and coordination.


Business Operations and Advocacy

SIA will lead a team composed of representatives from SIA and ASIS government relations/affairs departments, as well as ASIS’s Digital Strategy Office. The primary responsibilities of this team will be to:

1. Review and analyze rules pertaining to the final enactment of COVID-19 aid package(s) passed by the U.S. Congress;

2. Review the supply chain and any changes in U.S. federal regulations that may be needed; and

3. Provide any information about preparedness grants to members.

“This collaboration between ASIS and SIA is a perfect example of putting the industry first to help suppliers and practitioners navigate through uncertain and unsettling times,” stated Don Erickson, CEO, SIA. “Together we can help our members respond today to the far-reaching impact of COVID-19 and guide them with information and education that prepares our industry for a renewed future.”

Content Development and Coordination

ASIS will lead a team composed of representatives from SIA and ASIS learning, editorial, marketing, and industry relations departments.

The primary responsibility of this team is to develop and implement a coordinated approach to creating a clearinghouse for information on COVID-19 and related knowledge and learning. Providing members support in aspects such as health, well-being, business continuity, and communications, this outreach will include virtual learning opportunities, so members can participate on their own schedules.

“This partnership marks the security industry’s top associations coming together in an unprecedented way,” according to Peter O’Neil, CEO, ASIS International. “The COVID-19 crisis has provided a unique opportunity for us to create a paradigm shift to address the growing needs of security professionals both here in the United States and across the globe. Our partnership reinforces the message that the security industry is stronger when it comes together.”

In addition to these two primary objectives, other goals related to this partnership will include developing targeted collaborations with academia and aligned healthcare associations and evaluating the unique needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

Visit and for ongoing information and announcements related to this partnership.