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​Photo by U.S. Department of Defense, Alamy Stock Photo​

May 2019 ASIS News

​Geopolitics and Security: General John Kelly at GSX

General John F. Kelly—retired four-star general, former U.S. secretary of homeland security, and former White House chief of staff—will share his insights in a keynote address at Global Security Exchange (GSX) in Chicago, Illinois, on Wednesday, 11 September, which is Military and Law Enforcement Appreciation Day at GSX.

Kelly enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps in 1970 and went on to serve in a number of command, staff, and school assignments. He led the U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), where he worked closely with professionals in law enforcement, including the FBI and Drug Enforcement Administration.

He will offer a first-hand look into the trends, risks, and potential rewards amid hot spots around the globe, and the role the United States should play on the global stage.

Kelly's address will kick off Military and Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, which honors those who make communities and the world a safer place. All law enforcement, military, and first responders are entitled to free one-day admission to GSX on 11 September. To learn more and register, visit​.

Creating a Certification

The Associate Protection Professional (APP) early career certification is almost ready for its worldwide debut. But what makes a certification? How does a certification come into existence?

Overall, it takes months of hard work from many dedicated security professionals over several phases to ensure that the exam accurately tests the knowledge and skills a security professional needs to be successful in his or her career. For the APP, it was critical that the test focused on skills and knowledge for those relatively new to the security profession, because the certification is designed for those with one to four years of experience in the industry. It tests competencies in four broad domains:

  • ​Security management fundamentals
  • Business operations
  • Risk management
  • Response management

First, ASIS conducted a job analysis, consulting a global panel of subject matter experts to determine the body of knowledge professionals need to excel in their careers. In the case of the APP certification, the panel identified the four domains listed above. 

ASIS surveyed almost 10,000 security management professionals to validate the panel's work and evaluate how important each domain is relative to the others. This determined how many questions on the final exam would address each domain.

Next, a volunteer panel gathered to write the questions that appear on the APP exam. Every question must have four answer choices—three plausible wrong answers, called distractors, and one correct answer tied to a specific reference from the exam's recommended reading material. For the APP, the recommended reading material includes three volumes from the Protection of Assets set and various ASIS Standards and Guidelines.

"I thought taking the CPP exam was tough, but now I realize that creating an exam is even tougher," said one APP item writer from The Netherlands. "Formulating the questions—not too simple, but also not too complicated—and then finding a balance between the right answers and good distractors is quite a challenge."

More than 230 security professionals beta-tested the APP between December 2018 and February 2019. Based on test takers' performance, a panel of volunteers determines the passing score and makes any necessary adjustments to the questions. Once these final updates are complete, ASIS will officially launch the APP program, scheduled for June 2019. Learn more at

ASIS makes sure its certification programs remain current by repeating the job analysis and item writing processes every few years. In 2019, ASIS is seeking volunteers to participate in the Certified Protection Professional (CPP®) job analysis study or item writing panels for the Professional Certified Investigator (PCI®) and Physical Security Professional (PSP®) exams. If you are interested in any of these volunteer opportunities, contact the Certification team [email protected].


ASIS is bringing top-notch security classroom programs to Atlanta, Georgia, in June and to Madrid, Spain, in July. Don't miss these opportunities for hands-on training to stay informed on the latest trends in the profession.

Implementing Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM)

24–25 June

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

ESRM is a strategic security program management approach that ties an organization's security practice to its mission and goals using globally established and accepted risk management principles. Learn how to develop a security program in the ESRM model.

Executive Protection

24–25 June

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

This comprehensive program covers the fundamental skills and procedures required to provide effective personal protection. Case studies reinforce the tech­niques and teach best practices. Ideal for those interested in executive pro­tection as a career or who are looking for a solid refresher.

ASIS Assets Protection Course: Practical Applications (APC II)

24–26 June

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Through real-life case studies, explore various perspectives and gain insights on current methodologies for successfully mitigating risks. The program addresses key areas of concern that every security expert must comprehend to be successful.

Risk, Threat, and Vulnerability Assessment

24–26 June

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

This program examines all aspects of planning and implementing a risk assessment program in any type of organization, large or small, public or private. Hands-on exercises and a site visit illustrate practical applications.

ASIS/IE Business School: Effective Management for Security Professionals

2–5 July

Madrid, Spain

Today's organizations face complex challenges where every business decision affects the bottom line. To be successful, security managers must have a strategic understanding of security's function to ensure adequate budgetary and organizational support for security initiatives. This custom-designed program will facilitate a deep dive into the central areas of management. Enhance your effectiveness in the corporate environment and align your expertise with the organization's security requirements.


ASIS congratulates its newest Life Members: Chris A. Hertig, CPP, and Hugh A. Palmer, CPP.

Chris Hertig, CPP, has been an ASIS member for 38 years and earned his CPP in 1982. Over the years, he has been a supporter of education in the security field, and he currently serves on the Professional Development Council and the Young Professionals Council. Hertig has written many articles and book reviews for Security Management. He has also been active in his local chapter, previously serving as chapter chair.

An ASIS member for 27 years, Hugh Palmer, CPP, earned his CPP in 1992. He is a recognized expert in pipeline and infrastructure security. He was a member of the ASIS Petrochemical, Chemical, and Extractive Industries Security Council and served as its chair. He was also active in his local chapter, taking on the roles of treasurer and secretary.