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Starting From Scratch

May 2019 | COVER STORY

Defining and introducing functional security improvements into a 90-year-old global company with a well-established organizational culture is, at best, a challenging task. In this article, Don Taussig, CPP, outlines how he built an enterprise security program from the ground up for Land O’Lakes, Inc., as its global security services director.

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The First Big Fine

A French regulator issued the first major fine for violations of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. Other organizations are taking note.

May 2019 ASIS News

General John F. Kelly, former U.S. secretary of homeland security, and former White House chief of staff, will give keynote address at Global Security Exchange (GSX).

May 2019 Legal Report

Gossip about sleeping with the boss can be sexual harassment; the Supreme Court will consider a citizenship question for the 2020 Census.