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A Day in the Life of Elizabeth Moslander, CPP

​Elizabeth Moslander, CPP

Company: Capital One

Position: Manager, Physical Security Operations-Global Security

Years with this Company: Six


Elizabeth Moslander, CPP, rises bright and early to check email on her phone to alert her of any pressing matters she might have to face during the day. She tends to the family cat and dog before getting her 12- and 15-year-old daughters ready for school. Prepared to face the day, she then embarks on her hour-long commute to worksites in the Chicago area.


As chair of the ASIS International Women in Security Council, Moslander sets aside time to discuss last-minute needs with officers on mornings that the council holds meetings. During meetings, the council discusses updates for its initiative to help women around the world achieve their security career goals.


Business as usual for Moslander involves incident and robbery response, developing enterprise life safety initiatives, resolving any security equipment breakages, reviewing facility security, and designing, implementing, and validating project system design.5-10pm

Beyond splitting daughter chauffeuring duties with her husband David, Moslander loves baking, crafting with her girls, and watching a good comedy. She’s also trying her hand at Super Team tennis in 2019—a form of socialized tennis where the participants gather to play, eat, and socialize.


“We have a desperate need to bring the importance of this industry to the attention of the younger generation,” she adds. “Young people know about cybersecurity, but we have a lot of work to do to educate them about the many other diverse aspects of our industry.”


“It’s critical to maintain health, motivation, and perspective,” she says. “Don’t sacrifice so much to work that, at the end of the day, you find yourself asking if it was worth it. No one ever looks back at the end of their career and wishes they’d spent more time at work.”​